Penis size – dispelling the myths.

After thinking long and hard, pardon the pun, I decided that an image for this blog wouldn’t be suitable and thought I’d leave it up to your imaginations and personal experiences.

If we believed everything we heard on tv we would believe that this was the meaning of life for men.  There is nothing more important than the size of a man’s sexual organ aka the thinking brain.

Over the years I was shocked to realise that size does matter, but not in the way we are lead to believe.  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and it is a personal preference to the female on the receiving end and we all know how picky a woman can be when making a choice.

I have met many women over the years who cringe at the thought of a large male sexual organ and have heard many women say that they prefer a small penis even to an average size penis.

The average size penis is said to be 7″ long with a wide variety of sizes an shapes around this most basic of stats.  Penis sizes vary between a flaccid state and an erect state and it is the erect proportions of the erect state where most women will be the most concerned.  Much of the issue isn’t so much the size of a male’s penis but just as much or more the size of a woman’s vagina.  As woman’s vagina varies in size and a perfect fit is relative to her sexual experience and his.  After all there is no point in trying to drive a mini into the Euro Tunnel for either person, in turn there is no point in a Euro Star train trying to pass through a front door.

Men should not assume that because they are well endowed that this will automatically be a turn on to a woman and ensure his bedding her, on the contrary the chances are she may be quite repelled by it and wonder what you expect to do with that?

It would be quite sensible in the early stages of a relationship where sex is anticipated to perhaps touch on the subject and enquire as to her preference in order to establish where you stand in the long (excuse the puns) run with regard to any sexual pleasure or displeasure.

Honesty is the best policy, being honest with each other and being honest with yourself is the most important thing in facing these expectations as the reality is that you are pursuing a relationship with each other that will end in a sexual relationship and we are all grown ups.

Face reality that you are not alone in whatever your size is, and there is the obvious issue of knowing how to use it and use it well, but again this relates to the woman you are with and whether she can accommodate you.  The chances are there will always be others smaller and bigger than you and likewise it is as relevant as the desires of the woman you are with and stops there, if she is happy with what you have to offer and can accommodate you then that should be enough for you as a man.

Remember it isn’t a male competition, remember it isn’t a male ego issue, it is solely the issue of are you compatible with the woman you are with, more men have been turned down for being too large than men for being too small and in either case being rejected will still hurt your ego, rejection is rejection.

Don’t believe everything the media tells you, most of it is narrow and exaggerated, the media can only be as broad as the minds of those producing it.


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