World Cup 2014, getting over all the bad press.


The World Cup is just around the Corner, there’s one of those puns again, and it has had such terrible press on the run up.

There has been everything from accusations about corruption, and protests to deaths and incomplete buildings during this run up which is such a shame especially for FIFA and most of the organisers who have tried so hard to make this a great event.  But once all of that is out the way and the players take to the pitch I hope that all of the problems are overshadowed by the fantastic football and sportsman like conduct from the players.

The World Cup has always been an exciting sporting event even from when I was a child I remember buying the sticker album and following the scores of each game in order to write them down on my wall chart.

It is a great time for buying a flag for your country of origin wherever you might live in the world or be.  One year I was in Spain when England was in the World Cup and I vividly remember peering in as many bars as I could to keep up with the score as my family dragged me around the streets of Barcelona.

The atmosphere is great, spirits or good, especially if your team is scoring and even if your team gets knocked out, the sorrow can be masked by choosing another team and cheering them on all the way to the finals.

So wave your flags, get your noise makers at the ready and begin the Mexican Wave in your home and watch it finish in a stadium in Brazil.


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