The rise of the “pull a sickie” culture.

Beautiful woman looking out window. Image shot 2010. Exact date unknown.

Not too many years ago we lived in socially different times, we all agreed on the way we raised our children and as old-fashioned as these ways now seem they got humanity thus far.  I was raised under these old fashion parenting methods as I’m sure most of those reading this right now.  I’d like to think that our generation and those above were productive adults when we made it through those “horrific” childhood years that apparently they were (by modern beliefs).

That was the era of conscientious workers and huge productivity when it came to industry and business.

We now live in the sickie era, but is it because people are getting sicker, weaker or just less conscientious?

Today many businesses are running on half steam with worker absentees increasing yearly.  But what is bringing about these trends?

daily_express_skiversToday more than ever there are human rights and laws to protect the employee from the harsh treatment of their employers so it would seem we can automatically rule out overworked or pressure at work as the main cause of sickies.

I know from experience that my generation and those above me would literally come into work with limbs falling off rather than miss a days work so I think we can rule out sickness as the real cause for sickie days off.

So what on earth could be causing this sickie culture that modern civilization is now struggling with?

I may be going out on another limb here but I honestly do think it is the way we are now raising our children.

When I was growing up children were raised with the same concept as each other, that they must do as they are told by the adult world they lived in and it created a sense of self-sacrifice, my life is not my own, mentality because we understood that we had to fit into our society rather than expecting society to change to suit what we wanted.

sickieToday we seem to have created the opposite and are training children that this is their world and they can do whatever they want in which teachers and parents must conform in order to be good adults rather than bad adults.

In doing this we are creating adults who seem less and less inclined to fit into society, but walk as individuals who live by their own rules, separate from society, doing whatever they want, after all it is their world.

The younger generation turning into adults seems to be where the largest sickie problem comes from.  They will go out for a night out and simply call in sick the next day, they will want to hang out with a friend and call in sick, they will not feel like working today and call in sick, they will want to go to the sale at the local clothes store and call in sick, make the most of the good weather and call in sick.  Any reason they can find to call in sick they will and it comes down to one thing “it’s my world I shall do as I want.” mentality.

Taking A SickieIf we are going to create idyllic societies where we can all do as we want because it is “our life” then we are also going to have to expect to deal with “other’s lives” effecting us and society.  How can we train and raise children believing they can choose everything in life from lessons at school to what food they eat and drink, which wasn’t always the case, to then expect them to conform and do as they are told with no choice in the work place?  It is impossible because it is a mentality a brain pattern that takes years to retrain if at all?

I believe the sickie culture needs to be addressed at grass-roots with the understanding that it isn’t “my life” as we are currently teaching children, but it is an “our life” one, of which we share as a society and the knock on effects are far-reaching into our adult and business lives.

Let us not forget this generation is the guinea-pig generation, where this type of mentality isn’t tried and tested and while it all sounds very idyllic, that doesn’t mean that the outcome of such a life wont impact our society as a whole in the long run, perhaps even the economy?

There is a gentle change happening at grass-roots with the younger generation, I see the younger parents making these changes for themselves, somehow realising that the way they were raised wasn’t working, so they are adopting the old ways by choice as a way to raise their own children.  So perhaps it was merely a hiccup in society which will rectify itself, but if it isn’t then we need to be aware of it now in order to prevent rather than cure any effects it has on society later.


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