The Billion Pound Hotel, No thanks!

After watching the Billion Pound Hotel I can honestly say that it is horrid.  These aren’t words of jealousy and envy, these are words of truth.

It just shows you that Luxury and style is a personal thing and not in fact across humanity as a whole.  I honestly don’t think you could pay me to stay at the hotel in Dubai let alone charge me to stay there.

250 stylist to create, each one of which I would sack because the style was disgusting, to the fact that it reminded me of something my Gran would have designed.

After watching the whole show I saw nothing at all that would entice me to stay there.  Gold plated or not it all looked garish and simply cheep and tacky.  I tell a lie, the fish tanks were quite entertaining, the fish looked interesting and colourful.

It is experiments like this that inspire me to understand that wealth and labels are a state of mind and not in fact something to strive for but simply to be content with.  If you can be happy with all that you have then you are the wealthiest in the world because you are a person that has everything they want.  If you have billions of pounds yet still want more, then you are poor, because you do not have enough and may never have enough.

It was interesting that even the billion dollar hotel couldn’t control the weather and events are dictated not by wealthy men but by nature and God, leaving the powerful at the mercy of that which they try to dominate, often to make their wealth, nature.

Seeing newly engaged couples having to go to opposite ends of the world after staying at this hotel.  The wealthy have to separate from their love in order to earn the money to spoil their love with things while the poor get to stay with their love and share their life together spoiling their lover with their time rather than with expensive things.  It seems that the wealthy are poor in love.  You can learn a lot about life from these shows and it nearly always come back to one thing, what you have is always better than what someone else has because you chose it because you want it, or you wouldn’t have chosen it in the first place.

The only thing I would ask is that a mutual respect is met, I think what you have is horrid and would never want it, you think what I have is horrid and would never want it, so we should respect each other for both achieving everything we personally want.  This is why the rich should never look down upon the poor, because many of them are very happy and have all that they want right here right now.

There is a lot to be said about being content it is truly priceless.


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