Is the progress of mankind the death of efficiency in humans?


We have come so far with human advancement, human rights and technology but is it to our own downfall?

There was a much “darker” time in humanity’s life, a time when kids would climb chimneys and dig fields, a time when we had no TV, no Video games or digital anything.  During those times kids had to work and play outside rather than enjoy the comfort and safety of human rights and luxuries we have today.

This all sounds very nice and idyllic on a surface level but what if we look closer at it, is it really as ideal as it seems?

Manual labour may never be a thing of the past, we may always need humans to carry out some sort of manual labour.  Whatever it is we will need workers to “work the field” as it were.  Farmworkers-Handsps-vita-tvBut how will that be affected by the children we raise today?  There is a long list of problems that may and will arise from the modern child in the next 50 years globally.  If we addressed this issue today it would not be too much of a disaster as there are plenty of nations around the world who still have an outside lifestyle but what if we keep pushing humanity in the direction it is going today?  Today we are forcing the world to change for the sake of human rights and humanity, today we are fighting to save children from a lack of education, no access to computers etc. just as our children in the West are enjoying these privileges (soon to be human rights) we also want the same equality and justice for all children around the world, but let us examine this for a moment.

Video GameAt this moment in time if the next generation of Western children become weak and inefficient at manual labour, if they become lazy and unmotivated, that’s ok because we can always outsource work to immigrants who have had an outdoors life unlike our children today and although this will anger most of the population because “all those foreigners will be coming here steeling our jobs” what happens when the whole world has equal rights and justice for all children?  What happens in 50 years when children all over the world just sit at home playing video games and not given manual labour to partake in?  What happens when Western ideology takes over the world to create a better world for all?  Surely all those children will grow up to be just as weak, lazy and inefficient at manual labour?  What jobs will we all want and what Jobs will we need to create in order to keep such inefficient workers employed?

Let me tackle this on a scientific level for you.  Let us say for one minute that children the kids playingworld over have all have an at home video game and TV upbringing, let’s say that few have ever worked a day of manual labour in their lives or even played outside for long, these kids will automatically develop weaker muscles as they did not develop the physical capacity they needed from working and playing that previous generations did.  That will mean that by default human physical strength and stamina will be low rather than high and any use no matter how little will be very low indeed compared to yesterdays standards.  In turn this would mean that everyone doing manual labour would perceive themselves as working hard while only putting out a low-level of results.  This would lead to a drop in productivity and development while creating an appearance of a fully functional hard-working society.  We would be fooling ourselves and no one would be any of the wiser because there would be no one else to compare themselves with any longer as the whole world would be suffering the same plight.

children working in fieldAlready today i the West we can see the results of this, where the older generations speak of how hard they had to work compared to the younger generation yet the younger generation just laughs it off because they perceive themselves as working hard and going home tired due to this hard work.  But are people really working hard anymore or is it just that our productivity levels and stamina levels have dropped so low that any work is deemed as hard work?

Tired after workAm I saying that kids should still be forced to work or that progress is a bad thing?  Not at all, I am merely asking the questions that few have considered and that is consequences.  No one can imagine the world in 50 or 100 years time and the impact that today’s changes will have, but this much I do know – Mankind did not make it this far on the modern system and perhaps we wont make it much further either, unless we begin to tackle and think about these things seriously rather than simply patting ourselves on the back all the time and blindly walking into the horizon without knowledge what is actually out there in the sunset picturesque image we are painting of the future.

I guess only time will tell.

kids playing outside


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