It doesn’t amount to much


I know it doesn’t amount to much

but it was meant to be a thoughtful touch.

I know it may not be what you want

the words are the same, no matter what the font.

I did all I could to show you love

but it seemed that was not good enough.

Every way I tried to show you

It seemed I really did not know you.

I gave and gave and gave some more

but it seemed my giving became your chore.

You rejected what I have to offer

as only someone scorned by a lover.

As you read this you may confused

meanwhile love itself is being abused.

Love has been hit, taunted and rejected

it ran towards you, only to be deflected.

The you to whom this poem was written

was to the one with whom love was smitten.

Love asked me to write this, not to one but to all

While love was loving you, you were treating love so cruel.


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