Time is running out yet no one speaks about it.


We live in an era where we actually need to face some facts like never before.  We live in an era where time is actually running out and no one, not one person could even try to imagine a way of addressing the issue.

No I don’t mean that time is literally running out and will stop or the end of the world is Nigh (although it may be), I mean the world can’t keep going the way it is going.  There are some major issues we need to address and do so now.

Overpopulation; Developing weapons; wars; boundaries; religious disagreements; scientific advances in medicine; scientific advances in material possessions; food alterations, lifestyle; pollution and these are just the obvious issues.

In any one of these cases it is clear that a plan needs to be thought of and the compromise of the entire human race will need to be reached.  How can we control the obvious overpopulation issues in the next lifetime without knowingly allowing people to die or be sacrificed?  How can we maintain this over the coming 2+ centuries?  How can we get such an overcrowded planet to sustain its current borders and peace?  How can we prolong human life spans knowing the over population issues?  How can an increasing ageing population be supported by the young?  How can humanity cure starvation only to increase population growth?  How can we fit any more industry into the planet to support the wants of mankind?  How can the world support yet more technology at home and the production of such large numbers?

It seems clear to me that the very nature of human desire to progress is the very thing that may well end humanity rather than save it.

If we end starvation as noble as that sounds it will speed us towards a planet that can not support humans, if we keep people alive for longer then again we push us ever towards the end of humanity.  If we end wars then we increase the global population?  Cure diseases and we speed up the overpopulation even quicker.

Each advance we make is a step closer to the question no one can answer, what on earth will we do (pardon the pun)?  Should we turn a blind eye to medical advancements and ending famine and world hunger?  Or do we carry on trying to make it better?

What happens when the population of each country reaches the borders of other countries?  Will there be wars in order to obtain new territory or will the borders come down naturally as with the growth of a City consuming the towns and villages around it?

The planet actually isn’t that big any more and we the populations are growing at a rate of nots with that comes the need to create and consume more, not just food and shelter but household technology and gadgets, and yet we barely have the space for the humans let alone the factories.  But the problem is that less humans mean less consumerism which means less money which means less capitalism and profit.  The current system doesn’t work with less humans on the planet and it doesn’t work with an over populated globe, so what can we do?

The only logical explanation would be to avoid progress and allow for natural selection and leave the globe to the ways of the past which seems almost ridiculous, but yet it did seem to work so well until this last century.  Was balance the key to the survival of humans on earth, the acceptance of death as a part of life to aid human survival as a whole?  Should we have been more philosophical about death and disease and famine than we were?  After all what we feared may well come upon us by the nature of avoidance.

Was the planet and early civilization quite capable of maintaining the human race before we began to try to fix what wasn’t in fact broken?

Eugenics is a modern dirty word, few speak about but is that even the answer?  Eugenics is the concept of an overpopulated world where we need to literally selective breeding, allowing the lower humans die off in order to save the elite humans.  For example let the educated wealthy live at the cost of the deaths of the poorer less intelligent.  Which sounds like a very sensible argument on paper, but we need to look at the logic in this.  Logically this wont work anyway, because eventually there will only be intellectual wealthy people who in turn will make no one rich because money wont have the same value, there is also the problem of what happens when the rich and intellectuals become to numerous for the planet?  There will be no way of maintaining the same system as all will be equal.  The rich need to poor or it just doesn’t work, so what is the answer?

perhaps this was the understanding of a Creator from the beginning?  Perhaps God knew how large the planet was, how many years it could sustain humans multiplying and exactly when He needed to save them from themselves with a final judgement and end of all things.  Much like an inventor may do today when he creates something, he takes into consideration materials used and the estimated life span of the product which he created.  Perhaps like a shop with a best before date on the packet, how they knew exactly how long the product is good for before it just goes off.

any way we look at it the time frames are spookily too close for comfort.  The Bible speaks of what to see and expect in the Last days or best before days of the planet and it addresses the questions and answers I have listed above, unfortunately it just isn’t to an end that us humans like the sound of and are so desperate to avoid at any cost yet it seems much like sinking sand, the more you wriggle to get out of it the further you sink into it.

I am a realist and I like to face facts and it has occurred to me that these are the facts, the cold hard facts, but I am willing to discuss them and find any solution with the world’s population but the more I think about it the more inevitable it all seems.


One thought on “Time is running out yet no one speaks about it.

  1. The global population is the biggest threat to the environment, climate, forests, survival of species, etc. Some predict growth will slow and peak as all developing nations of the world enter the demographic transition, to fewer than 2 children per couple, on their way to becoming prosperous developed nations. I’m skeptical. I can’t see why nations would become financially equal, and suspect we’ll have 20 billion people in a century or two.

    The eugenic solution cannot be to kill off undesirables. It’s not ethically supportable. Nor can we remove medical or food aid from those in need. The only warfare that would really affect population would be a nuclear war (unless biological agents are still being developed), which would annihilate economies and bring great suffering, I would think. Not ideal.

    The long term solution seems to be imposed limits on fertility (as in China) where populations are not of low fertility by choice. Don’t ask me how a democracy or weak government does that. But the solutions will be socially engineered.

    There are things we could do to reduce the damage until we get that sorted out. We might offer and promote effective birth control where it’s unavailable or unpopular, for instance. IUDs and contraceptive implants. We might further tighten pollution controls, or move to a carbonless fuel source (molten thorium reactors?). But it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    I can’t see an End Times scenario looming. While the poor countries of the world may suffer and collapse in war, pestilence, and famine (and some are), the wealthy ones will continue for very much longer. We aren’t all in the same boat, or some of us have better boats. I would love to build a better, more forward-thinking society, and I blog about it, but realistically, it’s likely that we’ll have to wait for the world to get a lot worse before it becomes a politically important project.


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