Economics, politics and the control myth.


We, the people, sit on our Hire Purchase couches in our Mortgaged houses and grumble about our leaders and the economy, but are we gravely mistaken.

We, under the belief that man is in control of the economy, believe that politicians are in control of politics, we perceive it is their jobs to ensure and preserve our well-being and spending habits, we think it their fault when we are struggling to pay our debtors.  But are we simply fooling ourselves and avoiding responsibility?

When you look at economics it all seems so obvious, so clear so text-book, which it is but just because it is all of those things that doesn’t mean it is right or that somehow man is in control of it any more than our understanding of how the wind blows and our control of that.  Men don’t control economics, they simply understand how it works, they have to conform to its laws and rules because there is no possible way we can bend or alter its rules.  Like maths 1 + 1 will never change we simply have to accept 2 is the answer.  For thousands of years of economics it hasn’t changed, it hasn’t progressed, it hasn’t become controllable it has simply become documented and made into a science as with anything else we study and document.  We can test economics and prove what works and what doesn’t but we still can not change it.

979583-scroogeEconomics is a stubborn old man who happens to always be right and this annoys us, and while we remain sure that we will be able to get one over on the old man we, equally as stubborn, assume that one day this old man will be wrong and we will over throw it and force it to change.

Politics on the other hand is a wiley one, it has a seemingly difficult thing to master and understand, with its strange language and customs, with its visions of authority and trickery of words, politics is the unmasterable ImageVaultHandler_aspxmaster.  We believe that men who stand in positions of politics some how make the decisions for us, that these same men and women somehow know something we don’t know and therefore make choices on behalf of the voter that we fail to understand how or why?  We assume these same politicians are making these choices for their own personal gain as if somehow they have abandoned family and friends to the downfall of these choices in order for personal gain.

We assume the good politicians hands are tied at the whim of corrupt politicians while remaining loyal to our choices on voting days.  Are we simply fooling ourselves?

It is clear that the choices that are made by politicians are more often than not based upon the economy and budgets.  So somehow this complicated system of politics is actually at the hands and mercy of simple economics, this means that politics in turn is under the control of this powerful old grumpy man called economics and his rules and laws.  When a new budget or law needs to be made it must double-check with economics and his grumpy stayed ways.  If it says yea then we can progress these changes in parliament, whereby we assume that it is the politician whose voice we hear when introducing the change, when really it was economics hidden in the background who in fact had made the final decision

Who is this grumpy old man, this unchanging stubborn fool who is annoyingly so wise?  This grumpy old man is in fact Mammon, the god or prosperity.  It tells us what we must do to prosper, it tells us what we must do to gain and increase, it tells us what we must do to keep our houses and our couches on which we sit, it is this grumpy old man who dictates which direction the country goes and what new laws we must enforce.  It threatens us that we will decrease, we will lose, we will become overpowered by others who are obeying its rules, it makes us fear letting go of its great wisdom lest we enter into poverty.

The threats of this old man called economics are only valid once we desire what he has to offer, but what if we reject what he has to offer?  We will have the freedom, we will be empowered and free to make other choices not dictated y this grumpy old man.  What if there was another way, a better way?

Happiness-materialism-more-stuff-300x209There can be no better way, another way to achieve the carrot dangled before us unless we don’t want a carrot this will always be the direction in which we walk.  What if we were to desire another vegetable all together?  Only then could we break the laws of economics and the grip of this grumpy old man.

There is another way but it is far too humble to be enticing to most, a way that brings peace and charity to all, a way that ensures the freedom of all who follow it.  Indeed there is a way that brings all men the right to ignore this grumpy old man called economics and control our own destiny, live by other rules that are less oppressive, less controlling, less unforgiving, less punishing, more humane and kind, more loving and healthy.  What is that way?  Surely no such way exists or economics would already know about it and want us to follow its laws and ways instead of such grumpy unbending heartless rules and laws?

This way I am speaking of is God’s way: no greed; sharing and giving, blessing and uplifting, caring and content, this is the way I speak of.  Only this way can free men from the grip of economics and his grumpy oppressive ways and rules.

So why do we not take such a lovely option?  Why do our politicians stubbornly resist?  Why do those the politicians represent stubbornly resist?  Simply because they have blindly assumed that they are mere donkey’s and donkey’s must eat the carrot because that is what donkey’s eat.  Rather than tasting to see if a donkey can in fact enjoy bread or some other food it just accepts that this is what donkey’s do so who is the donkey to question why?

And this is how the grumpy old man called economics keeps control of the people, keeping his rules in place over the land and keeping the politicians doing as they are told by him.

The End!


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