Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, but where did they go?


“Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”  This concept or phrase has become most well-known by Sir Isaac Newton, but it was in relation to the great men who had gone before him and inspired his own personal works.

But what of the “myth” of giants and why do so many cultures speak of giants among men?

After a number of years of general research looking into such claims and findings and careful consideration of the environmental issues that would surround giants or a scientific and logical perspective, I find myself both surprised and delighted at the possibilities that were placed before me.

My first point of call was to discover how many cultures globally had stories and tales of giants among them?  I looked into the religious claims of David and Goliath to see if this was in fact a fable or indeed a historical event.

elephant-hippo-tailsI found myself surprised how many stories where in the Bible depicting both giant people as well as giant animals (Beomoth).  I discovered that the description of a Beomoth could be found in the Book of Job as well as the fact that nearly half the uses of the word “beast” in the Bible actually refered to this same Beomoth although only 2 actual uses of this “mythical” creature remained while all others had been simply translated from Beomoth to beast.  When you read any information on the Beast mentioned in the book of Job it strangely tells you that this creature is unknown or probably a hippopotamus, which is very strange considering the description most definitely is not.

petro_whiterockI found myself stumbling upon multiple pieces of evidence for human remains all over the world from a realistic 9 foot all the way up to a ridiculously unbelievable human remains of 36 foot.  As realistic as this sounded I read with interest another Bible account of Edomites, a people who were renowned for their size and the description “poetically” describes these mammoth men as the size of the Cedar tree.  This is where the poetry meets reality and quite shockingly, as the average Cedar tree grows to 36 feet tall.  This would mean that these Bible accounts may not have been as poetic as one may have first thought considering the archeological remains of humans have been found as large as this exact height.

Dinosaurs3What doesn’t quite add up in the story is that evolution is the survival of the fittest and surely a mammoth race of giant humans would have been the stranger, faster and more dominant of the species?  This is where the environment issues may well be the defining factor.

As we all know, the remaining dinosaurs are said to be lizards and crocodiles etc., thought to have lived during the times of the much larger T-Rex etc. or at least the descendents of these giant lizards (dinosaur’s translated meaning).  Which proves that in this case bigger would not mean better as it was in fact the smaller of the species which lived on long after it’s much larger family members.

It is assumed that the reason that the larger dinosaurs died out after a number of possible events but eventually the vegetation issues ie food supplies.  In this case the same may have applied for giant human beings.

But this still doesn’t make sense if we must consider the amount of oxygen such large humans would have required in order to survive as the fittest.  We know for a fact that if us little old 6 foot humans are to climb a mountain without a good oxygen supply many people just can’t survive at such altitudes, as well as the lack of vegetation required if we were to in fact build a town on the top of one of these mountains.  The reason for this is simply the air is too thin for our lungs.

S/W Ver: 85.97.CDPLet is take this scientific thought into the world of giants for a moment and wonder if the air was too thin for them to survive at current sea levels or higher?  What if their lungs just couldn’t cope with the supply of oxygen due to the large size of their lungs and what it would take to move or walk or run.  That would make them less fit than their smaller counterparts, for example a 6 foot man.  This would mean that survival of the fittest favored the smaller of the two humans.  We must also consider the mating process of both members of the species and the chances of the smaller of the two surviving much better in child-birth as well as the mating process.

Why then would a giant have evolved at all, especially at current sea levels or above?  I am not entirely sure that they did.

I have argued in previous blogs that it is very possible that the sea levels have raised perhaps due to millions of years of evolution or perhaps a global natural disaster, I have also given my views on the possibility of the sea level rising and the natural process of forcing all life up to higher ground.  I have noted that there are many cities currently under masses of sea water, and I have even seen whole towns simply drowned by man-made activity in the modern era.

So what if this were the case with these giants also?  What if Giant humans lived below current sea level, not under water but because the water levels were much lower?  What if these giant humans were forced to higher ground by the rising sea level?  What if they simply died out, the larger first, and then the smaller later due to the environmental issue mentioned earlier?

This would explain their ability to live a normal life at lower altitudes and would explain their dying out and the accounts around the world, as well as the archeological findings.  But there is some more logical issue facing these theories.

dinos_footprintsThere is the Dinosaur issue.  There is the global disaster issue.  There is the time frame issue.  There’s the descriptions of Giants in the Bible issues.  There is the description of a dinosaur (Beomoth) and the regular use of the word in the Bible issue. There is the something doesn’t quite add up issue.  Add these with the current issue such as: how did the Dinosaurs die out and why?  And the global records of dinosaurs in modern civilization?

It is virtually impossible to explain away these questions with the explanation offered by evolution as it stands currently.  However I’m sure with enough changes to the current story (happening currently) of evolution this may eventually work, but unfortunately not at the moment, that would be all too simple.

Brontosaurus_ExcelsusThis train of thought then leads me back to the obvious yet “of course” ridiculous the Bible account of History including giants and dinosaurs, also the global disaster of a world-wide flood that coincidently would have forced both dinosaurs and giants upwards in altitude from their previous lower altitudes that they may have in fact lived in.  It would also explain the larger vegetation which these larger creatures would have been able to live on due to the nature of the environment at lower altitudes.  It would also explain why we have fossils of creatures which exist today only much larger, such as the Dragonfly.

The flood would also explain the “ice age” theory as the flood would scientifically create the exact same end result as the “ice age” in the fossilisation of species.  A world-wide flood would explain the low levels of current global populations.  A global flood would explain the current underwater cities in the sea.  A giant flood would explain a lot that evolution can not at present.

The main problem is that the global flood would also explain the Bible, the Dinosaurs would also prove along with other evidence that dinosaurs lived in modern era, the problem is that giants would prove other Bible claims and thus make the Bible seem more reliable than the current story of evolution, which doesn’t bear thinking about.

giant-kings-in-ancient-egyptGiants would explain Easter Island statues, the Pyramids, Stone Henge (Giant remains found nearby) and much more of human mysteries.

The pendulum would surely swing from reliability and credibility of the Bible accounts and perhaps point to God being real rather than the current theory of evolution being reliable and disproving the Bible and the claims that there is no God.  Such a paradox wouldn’t bear thinking about, which is probably why so few would even consider thinking about it.

On that note, I shall leave you with these conundrums and thoughts and feel free to leave sensible comments aiding these points.


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