The spirit to matter ratio


With so many spiritual paths being introduced today it would be near impossible to know a right one from a wrong one.  There are old religions holding firm as well as new spirituality becoming options, all for the sake of making life better somehow.

I have met people who eat vegetarian diets to balance their inner Chi as well as those who wont eat any living matter in order to be at one with the planet.  But when you examine those same people I often think “you look sick or miserable” so is any of it actually doing anything?

From one month to another surveys will contradict each other, eat this eat that, all for making us better happier human beings and yet again none of it seemingly making any better a life for those who follow it.

einstein_god_jesusThen there is the dreaded God debate.  God is spirit, God is everywhere, God is in everything, God is everything, God came as Man in flesh, God can have nothing to do with lowly humans, etc.  Every known argument about God, not to mention the arguments against God.

Again all of these arguments contradicting each other, so how can anyone ever find the truth amongst all of these bits of information?

You might say it would be a modern-day miracle that anyone can find out the real truth, unless all things are perspective (another argument again).

My main and principal argument regarding science and religion would be simply this: An all-powerful creator being that made all things surely would have made a way for Him/Her/It to communicate with those He created?  Which is where scientists or Atheists would jump in with “Exactly, which proves there is no God because none of us can see or hear from Him.”

However, there is a huge hole in this argument which is the large number of humans who have claimed to have heard from God who in turn have gone on to do amazing things (miracles or win seemingly impossible battles) or invent amazing things (IPad; Lazer).  There are also those who may use terms such as “God said…….” and manage to know things that no one could possibly know or see future events.  Which in turn then dismisses an Atheists argument that why doesn’t this all mighty God just tell us He exists.

To conclude there needs to be evidence to trust in any case, either there is no God; there is a God; there are many God’s; there is spiritual; there is only matter; there is half and half.

religions20of20the20earthBut as I look down the list very few have any thing to support its claims if anything at all.  As I mentioned I have seen spiritually minded beings look and act worse than matter minded beings.  I have seem Atheists behave more loving than the Religious, I have seen Christians be more Muslim than Muslims in their lifestyle so how does it all fit together?

The only constant claims that echo true seem to be that of the Bible and those who follow it.  Their experiences seem to carbon copy their Bible verses and their claims that an Almighty God speaks to men seems to ring true today as it did when the Bible was first being scribed.  Even an Atheist can;t argue that a man has not heard from God and is merely insane if these “ramblings ” are being confirmed by others as insanity cant carbon copy insanity in such a way.  For example what we call bipolar the Bible calls Demon Possessed and Bipolar would need to be an identical genetic fault in multiple human beings or more likely the same demonic activity in multiple human beings for example violence,suicide or murder wouldn’t be a genetic carbon from one bipolar person to another genetically speaking, especially if they didn’t share the same family line.  However if claims of demonic or angelic or spiritual beings that influence our daily matter life then this would be more logical an explanation.

So what I am getting at is we claim these spiritual things not testable or unprovable but it would seem that this isn’t true, it is all testable and observable.  So perhaps the modern miracle isn’t so much if we can find the truth, but more a case of if we allow ourselves to believe the truth when we see it?


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