Being overweight, bullying, self awareness and the fitness quest – Introduction


In my teens I had good old-fashioned puppy fat but it came at a time when kids could be quite cruel.  Genetically speaking, I was never going to be an overweight man, however this doesn’t change your genetic growth spurts and how people view you as a person.  I wasn’t a stay at home child, nor was I a big fan of video games, in fact I spent every daylight hour outside playing sports of some sort, and even some after dark hours too.  My active lifestyle and parents careful watch on my sensible diet I was far from all the usual reason for why you’d expect someone to be overweight but that didn’t stop those growth spurts from happening with their puppy fat build ups.

By the time I had got to be a young adult I had developed a complex, believing that I was “fat” and after my last growth spurt at around 17 I had self-determined that my peers (as unenlightened as they were) couldn’t possibly have been wrong, so I must therefore be a “porker”.

As I grew out of my last puppy fat growth spurt I became self-determined to fight the flab, so I adopted an amazing healthy lifestyle, which included 10 mile cycling to work and back, jogging, weight training, swimming and regular night club all night dancing (yes this is exercise).  I became a vegetarian diet and what I referred to as an all natural diet (no packaged food).  I felt at my best and although 2 1/2 stone over the ideal weight for my height (if you believe that stuff?) I was at my “fighting weight” I was most happy with (15 1/2 stone).  As I got older my lifestyle began to change as it does, I changed jobs and began driving to work, I met a partner who had no diet and encouraged me to eat as freely as they did, I had no time for fitness routines after changing jobs and having a family and the weight began to pile on again.  It didn’t help that I was still carrying the burden on believing I was “fat” even when I wasn’t (I’m not sure this thought ever leaves once it is driven in?) I began to give up hope and gave in to the belief, this meant times of being overweight, unless I got moments of desperation and got small seasons of crash diets and crash fitness routines, where I managed to lose some weight again.

The season of the yoyo dieting was under way and it is a horrible cycle and hard to get out once you are in it.

I have finally got to the point of a new season, or an old season revisited however you look at it.  After getting to an age of better understanding, time and desire I feel it important to become the man I wanted to be but never realised that I ever was or ever could be, my “fighting weight” and it would be now or never.

After a month of starting my new routine I felt it a worthwhile opportunity to blog about my challenge and commitment to it for a number of reasons.  I feel that blogging about it ay inspire others to do the same; it may give people the information to know what and how to do it; accountability to those reading which will aid motivation to not quit as well as general interest and understanding from others about what it feels like to be overweight; how and why you get and stay there.

When I last weighed myself I was at the most weight I had ever been, don’t laugh – Over 18 stone, after career and lifestyle changes, after a few back to back tragedies which caused mild hopelessness and not watching what I ate to counter balance the new lack of exercise I was now getting, I managed to pile on the weight.

I now feel uncomfortable and self-fulfilling those old words from school “fatty” not particularly because I was but simply because I believed I was.

So it is time for a change for a number of reasons including the obvious health but also to feel myself once again.  There is nothing worse than being someone you are not and was never meant to be and that was my biggest motivation.

I hope that you will enjoy reading and following me in my quest, I hope that you learn something and I hope that you feel inspired.

I will keep you posted about my progress and even my failures, I will keep you up to date on how and why and what I am up to to succeed on this quest and try to post pictures along the way.

In return I would appreciate encouragement and any questions or suggestions you learnt to overcome the short falls.


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