Being overweight, bullying, self awareness and the fitness quest – 1st Month


I mentioned in my last blog that I had been trying to lose weight for nearly a month so far and thought I’d let you know how I had begun the long road to slenderness.

I had no fitness equipment except for 1 dumbbell; barbels; 5 x 10kg weights and a couple of 5kg and 2.5 kg weights; a punch bag.  All of these had been redundant for long periods of time bar the odd 2 week fad twice a year.

I began in my front room with simple curls and lifts with my dumbbells (20kg) and some body lifts at the edge of my sofa and them moved on to the bench press and punch bag in the outbuilding.

I invested in a bench press including butterfly side weights and leg raisers £45 and cleared a space at last in the outbuilding, I put in an old stereo to help the timing and create a gym like feel, although it felt more like a scene from Rocky IV in Russia.

Generally speaking I did 2 sets of 8-12 reps on all weights routines at about 20kg lifts and after a month this is now ready for an increase.

When I was younger I used to workout with weights on alternate days as was the norm back then, however this time I am working out almost every day except for 1-2 days a week off at most.

The strangest thing, or should I say hardest thing, is to see not only my weight increase rather than go down (muscle being heavier than fat), but also seemingly getting bigger when I look in the mirror, which is quite disconcerting as the aim is to look smaller so that I can feel smaller and more comfortable.  It is easy at this stage to feel disheartened and quit but this is merely the first hurdle to success.

I haven’t changed my diet much although as I am more aware of an aim and purpose I am being more picky with what I eat or buy to eat, so I assume that without realising it or consciously aware I am probably cutting down on my food intake.

Due to my weight at the moment I don’t feel confident or fit enough to add running or cycling to my routine and as I live quite far from a swimming pool that isn’t an option either, besides it isn’t a nice experience getting into a pool when you are overweight as you are so self-conscious that everyone is looking at you and even judging you (also a slippery slope to self fattying because then you end up doing no exercise and eating instead, usually junk food).  So I have been using a punch bag for fitness (as advised by a fitness instructor).  The good thing about a punch bag for fitness to get started is that no one will actually see you doing it.

Anyway, that is the start of the mission to lose about 4 stone.  I am being more realistic about this now that I am older and more patient assuming this may take up to a year at least, when I was younger with an I want it now attitude I couldn’t understand this concept so I found myself giving up impatiently after a month or 2 at tops.

I have missed 3 days now, simply because of rotten cold and the thought of pushing myself in a freezing cold outbuilding don’t go well (perhaps I am wrong), however I expect to get back to it tomorrow and as I said being more realistic and patient about it.



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