Saving the UK fashion world!

vogue-uk-bfc-fashion-fundI am a man on a mission, a man with a passion, a man with a plan and an honourable desire to execute it with the help and support of others.

I grew up in England with a passion for fashion (I hate that phrase), the older I grew the more I understood fashion, design and clothing, the more passionate I became.  Then devastation hit me, English fashion was horrid, unstylish and the laughing stock and fashion burden of much of the world.

I had been lead to believe that London Fashion was something desired by the world, so to discover that London fashion week was just something they fit in between New York and Paris for old times’ sake was quite a shock to me.

London is living off of its past designers and UK fashion is becoming extinct as the old timers claw onto their stake in the global market.

I do believe that this can be reversed or at least stopped in its tracks but it will take chances, risk, sacrifice and unity from old and new designers alike.  It will take stealth and possibly even an underground fashion movement in order to achieve this objective.  

It will take new designers to gain exposure, it will take fashion journalists to write articles, it will take current designers to throw off the old bad name and look with an open mind.  This project will take freebees and favours from Models, fabric producers, from photographers, from business premises.  It will truly be a joint unified effort of all those within the British fashion world, but it can be done and it can be done well.

The media will be required to play its part in coverage of this Mammoth task, perhaps even a documenting of the process, one of those god awful reality shows.  However it can work.

With the birth of social media like Twitter and Facebook, with the support of the British public and the loyal British celebrity swapping swag and reserve for style and expression.  

Together we can do it, together we will do it.  

If you are interested in joining the movement just message me for further details of how we can do this together.



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