Understanding Fashion

Once you realise that there is no new rules other than the basic rules to fashion you will realise it’s hard to be unfashionable.

The basic rules are

  • match colours,
  • match textures,
  • match styles,
  • match seasons
  • match function
  • match genre
  • match feeling
  • cut/shape
  • length

All other rules have been and are written by people who have been given the power and authority to tell us what to do with fashion.  What colour is in this season, what designer is hot this season, who’s collection is best this season are all dictated to us by people who have been given the title fashion guru or god.

We have every right to follow them and they have plenty of valid points to their choices, I am not slating them at all.  However what influences those choices?  After all they are people just like us and emotions affect choices.  They may be having a bad year or week, they might have fallen out with a spouse or lost on investments, they might be on a cycle or be emotionally unstable at the point of choosing, they could have drank too much or snorted too much the night before, each of these human factors will influence a choice.

The fact of the matter is the consumer decides, what the people want to buy based on their own inner feelings and emotions and their own experiences.  We all are our own fashion guru/god if we learn the simple rules that help us to get the best out of our choices, look and body shape.

Off the hanger fashion is hell for most fashion ranges, a persons body shape can turn a magnificent item into an awful item.  You might see me walking down the street in a great designer yet the fit on my body shape only ruins the image of the designer.

We can break out from under the rule of those fashion gods and live by our own rules without restriction.

I want to encourage you today, identify yourself with your own fashion and style and most of all be confident.




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