Why I love photography as an art but hate forgetting my camera.

IMG_2444I went to the beach today and it wasn’t until I was in the car on route that I realised, I failed to pack my camera and as luck has it it was a great day for missed opportunity.

I saw shot after shot, after shot that I desperately wanted to take pictures of but with no camera available except my smart phone. A tiny 3mp camera with no zoom or anything else for that matter.

In desperation and defeat I reached for my smart phone while feeling far from smart and desperately fired away, clicking at everything I had seen and desired as art.

I didn’t like the images I caught and after a second look with sun glare on the screen still felt disappointment at my feeble attempts.

It got me to thinking perhaps it is a good case for a new phone with a great camera built in, just in case? But would a better camera phone really have helped a perfectionist? I very much doubt it, the chances are it might only add to my frustrations as I may still be unable to capture the image I wanted and felt a bigger idiot for spending so much money on a camera phone as well.

My lesson here is buy a second DSLR of choice and leave it in the boot of my car for emergencies.


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