Is small business and small holdings the answer to recession?


It might seem antiquated in our multinational corporate world but the fact is that small holdings and small business might be the answer to the symptoms of recession.

Small holdings are basically self-sufficient farming for families and at a time where it is rapidly become to expensive to eat or at least eat well it would appear that the more families that own small holdings the better.

What is a small holding before we go on? Wiki – In third world countries, smallholdings are usually farms supporting a single family with a mixture of cash crops and subsistence farming.

If the concept of small holdings is alien to you then the chances are that you weren’t exposed to it as part of your everyday life and the thought of having a small holding would be ridiculous.

Imagine for one moment that you lose your job and you have a family you need to provide for your income drops dramatically and you are finding it hard to juggle your bills.  Most bills are a set amount that are very hard to just change within a month for example rent or school fees or perhaps contracts that can’t just be canceled or are part of you everyday life.  The first thing to go is usually reflected in your food bill, so what if you grew much of your own food?  There would hardly be a dent in your current eating habits.

The same with small business, although we have spent many years allowing and encouraging small business to die out at the hands of “low-cost multinationals” we now find that since the dissolving of the small independent businesses the prices have been rapidly risen by these multinationals because they now monopolise the food markets along with most other forms of business.

So what happens when someone loses their job and they can’t find another job elsewhere?  They could just remain unemployed or they could set up a small business.

Small businesses used to be suffocated under the weight of the huge multinational companies with their bulk priced stock, however they have now risen their prices to that of a small business and in many cases charge more “for some reason” than many small businesses can.  A person can remain unemployed or become self-employed and slowly but surely work his or her way up into a very real self sufficient business offering a very real competitive business against the multi nationals at competitive prices.

You can see that the old myths of the past where the big companies can out price the small businesses has gone and it is self-evident that small businesses are very real options if you are willing to give it a try rather than continue to job hunt.

Imagine if you have a small holding and can turn that into a small business where you can sell your products to the employed and take yourself off of unemployment, feed your family or at least cut food costs and provide a service to your local community.

It all sounds too perfect I hear you say.  Not true, unless you think the old ways were perfect, but apparently we left the old ways behind because they weren’t perfect and have now adopted perfection in our modern ways, clearly not.

The fact is that society encourages insurance and pensions to cover our backs just in case and perhaps we need to adopt this mentality in society at large with small holding lessons at school, so that it becomes common knowledge and experience for all as a form of insurance for future recessions.

dig for victory campaignAnd what if there was ever a war again?  Could we dig for victory again, would England starve through a lack of knowledge in self sufficiency.  Will enough people know how to grow food if we needed to as in the past wars?  I fear not, we will surely starve to death on our little Island that has no way of importing food in the case of a war?  Don’t forget that a recession is a war on poverty and in war self sufficiency of food is key.

It is the least prepared aspect of our safe and prepared modern England and that should be addressed “just in case” after all what is wrong with people learning to grow their own food instead of how to paint, if we had to swap one lesson for another, which I doubt that we do.  Why not base some science lessons around the science of growing vegetables?  We can and should be doing it. failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Dig for victory!



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