Why trying to answer global issues without a God won’t work.


angelina-jolie-williamOn the News at the moment we find Angelina Jolie attempting to solve a global problem of rape during conflict raises the question, can global issues be solved by mankind or do we need a God?

American is a land full of laws and likewise full of prisons, so instantly we can see that laws wont and don’t stop crime or the laws would stop the criminals because surely the only reason they were committing crimes were because they didn’t realise the crime?  Once everyone knows the law they will obey it? Not true.  So if knowing a law isn’t enough to stop crime perhaps punishment will be?  Around the world there are punishments including execution, cutting off limbs and prison yet in each instance the crimes continue.

So we can see that enforcing laws and making laws is not the answer to solving these global issues as wonderful as those intentions might be.

Even in a society where there is knowledge of religion crimes continue, religion itself even state punishments that match the crimes, so even then we see religion does not ensure crimes are not committed.

If there was religion all over the face of the earth and each country or region had its own religion and a deity at the head that wouldn’t stop crime, because the crimes of each religion would be different and each region would see the religion of another as committing crimes worthy of punishment.

We have established that mankind wont be able to stop global issues with laws and punishment, we now know that religion isn’t the answer.  What about if people know there is a God?

In the Bible the Exodus account states that even though the Jewish people walked with God in the wilderness, saw miracles and had a leader they still sinned a committed crimes.  So we can see that even the knowledge of God wasn’t enough to stop people committing crimes.  But we must look at those crimes and the reason behind them.

Worshiping_the_golden_calfThe crimes listed as being committed in that case was idolatry and revelry, which although crimes would not be considered crimes to humanity but were crimes to God.  we also have to see that the main reasons for these crimes were exposure, these people were used to committing those crimes or seeing them and never knowing them as crimes as they would often watch the nations they were along side in Egypt doing with no form of punishment.  Many of the number of those in the wilderness were actually from the number of idol worshipers by their religion.

We can see that at the time there was no record of crimes against humanity being committed during the time of knowledge of God.

We can also see that the old generation had to be wiped out to ensure a more holy nation or as we would say today an unlearning of the old ways that lead to crimes such as idolatry.

If we look at further Biblical records we will see that the Jewish nation only ever committed crimes of humanity such as war with their enemies or those that had no knowledge of God.  Any nation who submitted to God was usually freed to become allies rather than at the receiving end of war aka acts against humanity as we might argue today.

We can see that only when a nation had, not a religion but knowledge of God that there were no crimes against humanity.

So if we wish to bring a form of humanity to the globe as we know it there is only one way to do that and that is once humanity has knowledge of God.

Try as we may, all good intention will not bring humanity to the planet, try as we may laws will not bring humanity to the planet, try as we may punishment will not bring humanity, try as we may, equality will not bring humanity to the planet and try as we may prosperity will not bring humanity to the planet.  Only knowledge of God can bring humanity to the planet.

Whether we like it or not the answer God, yet God is the very thing we spend our time fighting against.


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