Why are there so few Multi-Millionaires?

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I have been asked this question a lot, in many forms, so I thought it a good idea to blog on it to aid and encourage people out there who might think it out of their grasp, in other words I shall risk turning the economy on its head by making a few more millionaires out of those that perhaps wouldn’t otherwise.

1291482545_1398488109Contrary to popular opinion there are so few millionaires not because those that make it oppress and hold back those that don’t aka The Man” that isn’t the reason at all.  The reason is quite simple really, it’s old-fashioned hard work and sacrifice.

Some are fortunate enough to be born into money but just as many have become poor by losing exactly what they are born into so they have to work hard and sacrifice in order to keep their money while even fewer never really have a care in the world, but these are very few and far between.

You must have guts to first become a multi millionaire and secondly guts to be able to keep your money after you have made it.  The old expression it takes money to make money is very true indeed.  Money needs to be sacrificed in order to make money and that sacrifice can come in any format.  If you are fortunate enough to have plenty of money in your account you will no doubt have more to invest but also more to risk, in turn, if you have little to invest, the risk is less but the sacrifice is greater as it might be just enough to miss a bill or cancel your TV subscription or miss a meal on Sunday.

nick1The question is how much do you want it and how great will the sacrifice or risk be that you are willing to take?  For example let us say for a moment that you have a great business opportunity or idea and it will cost you 1 months rent but you gamble that you will recoup the same amount back in profit or income then that is your risk, but how far are you willing to go?

Most people prefer going through life with security, it’s why Insurance companies do so well.  They find a job, pay their bills and tip toe into the Lotto pool once or twice a week, hoping to become millionaires the safe way rather than the hard way.

Everyone at some point will have a million dollar idea at some point in their life, much like our 15 seconds of fame, the question is, what is everyone doing with their idea?  I firmly believe that humanity as a whole is very balanced with very little between each person whether that be running, jumping or intellect.  There is not much between the most unintelligent IQ to the most intelligent person, when you measure it, there is milliseconds between 1st and last place in many races so that means we are all given the exact same starting blocks in life.

BB1162-002In the race of life we will all face virtually the same aspects, from health to obstacles, from bosses to buses, from working to lazing, all will be faced at different times in life.  Some might have a tough childhood and give up, while others have an easy childhood and find adulthood tough and give up.  One person finds business hard work so does another, the only difference is what you do with that business in the long run.

Most achievements are like a plant, they begin with a seed, we must give that seed the right conditions and then cultivate it, protect it and eventually harvest it, the question is what are we all doing with our seeds?  Are we planting them to start with, are we tending them as they grow, are we putting in the hard work in order to reap a harvest in the end?  Most of us will rarely reap a harvest because we give up at one of the hurdles usually using an excuse that deems you sub-human compared to someone who succeeded where you failed, the only difference between the success and the failure is never quitting.

Whatever idea you have you can give birth to it and learn all about it if you choose, you can put in as much effort, risk and sacrifice that you want but that is down to you and you alone.

tumblr_lm2y3fBIIy1qhdjyco1_400There really are no excuses to your shot at financial or business success, you have as much a chance as any, more of a chance at success than you do at winning the lotto yet you will faithfully buy a ticket regularly with the hopes of gaining your wealth the easy risk free way rather than the high risk, hard work and sacrifice more guaranteed way, but why?

You have the ammunition, you have the tools, you have the seeds, you have the information, everything you need to create a successful business or financially secure future is in your hands, even if you miss one opportunity that doesn’t mean you miss them all, so next time and idea pops into your head or opportunity knocks, get up and answer to door, put in some time and effort to see it through to the end and reap your harvest.

No excuses!



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