Homeschooling, why the bad name?


I have noticed a real issue which needs to be addressed.  That is, the way in which Homeschooling has received a bad name.

When you meet a home school family or watch a program which contains a home school family more often than not they seem strange, perhaps odd or weird.  Automatically the viewer or onlooker will accredit this issue to homeschooling but this is the first mistake.

Homeschooling as an education option is a very valid one for the right reasons but more often than not people are the issue not homeschooling.  I could only compare it to blaming dogs for dog fighting when the problem is the owners or guns for killing when the trigger is pulled by the shooter.

Homeschooling offers a great one to one education where strengths and weaknesses can be focussed on and time spent on perfecting education, the content can be broader than schools and it includes much more hands on practical aspects of education.  It broadens the mind and usually allows for academic excellence, even in many worse case scenario homeschooled.

However the problem is the types of people who home school.  Homeschooling is appealing and attractive to a wide range of people from those who wish to give their children a better education to those whose children are bullied at school or because they have a different outlook on life such as religious views or cultural views.  Because Homeschooling appeals to a wide range of different types you’ll often find those types very different, however it wasn’t homeschooling which created the difference it was the individual.

Many of these very odd types went through the school system and aren’t odd because they home school they were odd before they ever made the choice, they are raising their children that way regardless of their educational choices or else they wouldn’t be that way themselves.  In fact many children raised by “odd” people who are odd despite going through the “normal” school system go on to raise “normal children” going through the abnormal “homeschooling system.”

There are many reasons for why people are odd and few of them came be accredited to homeschooling.  In most cases homeschooling families will not only be ensuring their child’s educational needs but their emotional and social needs as well but to an even higher level than school can.  In school most people are only socialised within their peer group or age group and this only leads to the stunting of social development.  However in homeschooling circles there is a wide range of age group interaction which develops a mush broader and higher standard of socialisation.

As you can see and if you investigate further you will see that in most cases homeschooled children aren’t odd because they are homeschooled, they are odd because of other reasons much bigger than the style of education, however many odd people are attracted to homeschooling with makes homeschooling look like the culprit of the oddness seen.

I would compare this to a park, it’s purpose is to be a wonderful place of serenity, relaxation and enjoyment however its big green open space also makes for a great stopping place for travelers.  It isn’t the park’s fault that travelers make use of it and are attracted to it and likewise it is the nature of what’s on offer with homeschooling that attracts the odd homeschoolers.

When I was at school I knew plenty of odd people, in fact most of them were odd, when I grew up I knew plenty of odd people who went through the “normal schooling” system so odd isn’t limited to those being homeschooled alone.

Personally I am pro choice and what’s right for one doesn’t mean it is right for another, if schooling offers the best for a child then the parents should choose it but likewise if home schooling offers the best for a child it should be the option.  Most parents want to do what is right and best for their own child and have the best platform for knowing their child and therefore I respect their choice based on that knowledge and love.


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