Why is black history only about slavery and oppression?


Is black history really as offensive as it seems, with so many people doing their best to hide it.  Instead we have to hear another tale of 12 years a slave.

March 1999 Cannes France Shaka Zulu: The Citadel The Epic Mini Series Chronicling The Life Of TheSlavery was a huge part of black history that goes without saying but it is a tiny part of black history given space and time as a whole.  Black history is a thing of as much beauty and intellect as European history but if we believed everything we are told we would limit black history to slavery, mud huts in Africa, uncivilized cannibals and the defeat of Shaka Zulu.  Black history predates civilized European history and is just as victorious in its empires.

The only records in the public domain regarding black history is that which was recorded by whites in the recent tumblr_inline_n1gh65s4Ts1rpr1t4past and although there is a rich plentiful history most of it you will never know.  History such as Egypt’s empire was at the time of black rule not the recent Arab nation we see in modern history.  Black Africans had the first University, black Africans has conquered a large part of the world just as the Romans did years later but we rarely hear of that history in movies and school books.  What about the fact that black people were held in such high esteem by white nations such as the Greeks that they actually had status and busts of black men in their places of importance.

amistad-originalLet us not forget the other side of slavery which is rarely spoken of, the side which on one hand makes black people sound backward because they were “so easily conned” by white traders who “conned” them by trading shells and the like for gold, jewels and even human resources aka slaves.  Trading was a huge part of African life and trade is still today considered a job of high intellect and education we call it business.  Then we look at the concept that these Africans were conned, but that is to assume that they lived by a European system of value, to assume that Africans valued a resource such as Gold or Diamonds that were in plenty is foolish and naive, because before global markets Gold wasn’t a currency anywhere except Europe because it was considered rare, which meant that its economic value was much higher in Europe than it was in Africa, however because of the vastness of African territory most of the population lived in the interior land which meant that they had a lot of access to gold and jewels but not as much access to shells and the like, this gave shells a higher economic value for Africans not dissimilar to that of gold and diamonds did for Europeans.  So you see the African traders were also laughing at the Europeans for their poor business acronym and intelligence.

gloryWe must also look at the humility of the many of the African people – in the West we refered to Africans as barbaric and backwards yet we must first look at what barbarism is to understand it better.  An animal lives by violent instinct and it is the self-control and humility of humans along with their intellect which separates us from animals.  African’s as a whole were less violent and barbaric as the visiting Westerners who raped, enslaved and pillaged their African hosts while a great deal of love and humility was being exercised by the African hosts.  Even when we look at slavery itself we can see a great level of humility , love and forgiveness and the part of the African slaves compared to the brutality and barbaric behaviour of the white slave masters.  So where the African’s really a backwards and barbaric people’s, it would seem not, not at least in comparison to this conquering European nation invading and slaughtering masses of Africans in their host nation.

o-ROOTS-FILM-facebookWhat about the backwardness of mud huts and half nakedness?  Ah africanhutthe simplicity of reason – Mud hut, still used today were a sign of intellect not stupidity if you ask any advanced architect today designing a house with intellect rather than art in mind, an eco-house for example, an eco-house takes a lot of thought to consider what works best for the environment in which you live, in a hot climate like Africa a mud hut constructed with such knowledge and skill was best suited to the African climate and noting more was needed, in fact when modern western brick build homes were built-in Africa and hotter western counties you find a great deal of problems occurred with overheating etc. and modern air-conditioning systems have to be used in order to solve the problem that architecture had already done in Africa.  So you can see that when white people settled in hotter climates they took their “advanced” architecture with them from their colder climates but failed to adapt and have the intelligence to change the architectural design to suit the new hot climate to which they moved.

00141-arbore_marcgaens_02Then there is the other comment regarding the barbaric nudity of the African people in their hot climate.  You only have to look around you on a hot day in the west to see western nudity rampant, the reason being that all of the clothes that were once required for the colder climate were no longer required, there was also the issue of western religious requirements as Christianity was the majority rule across Europe you will see that nudity was a taboo issue, although many European artist were fixated with nudity in their art, you only need to look at the Greek sculptures and _61220177_5thcenturyolympiadgettyother art work to see that. All Olympic competitors in the early years competed in the nude and it was the lusts issues of the European men who brought the idea of strip clubs with them after seeing African woman half-naked in Africa, however the big difference was that Africa was hot, African men had no lust issues regarding nudity xmaspast2and Africans had no religious issues regarding nudity so they weren’t quite as barbaric and backwards as you might have been lead to believe, in fact quite the opposite as it was the Europeans who had the issues with this nudity perhaps because of a less evolved genetic state which The Last Judgment painted by Michelangelo between 1536 and 1541included lust and a lack of self-control.  Let us not forget the old Roman and Greek Orgies and the barbaric behavior there, the nudity and revelry of a lack of self-control, or the nudity in Roman Catholic churches in the art work, now considered master pieces.


Many African customs which might seem barbaric today have a history rooted in European intervention as well as Arab customs which have now become part of society at large.  During the time of the slave trade some African tribes adopted customs in order to make their women look less appealing to the European men in order  to prevent them being stolen as slaves and make them appear less beautiful because they were also being raped by the download (7)European visitors.  These customs included hoops around the neck and plates in the lip which we still see today, perhaps due to a lack of knowledge of the past of perhaps because they have grown to find it attractive as you’d expect or they would
not find their own women attractive and the tribe would have died out years ago.  Female Circumcision aka Female Genital Cutting (FGC) also finds its roots wrapped up with slavery as far back as Roman times, possibly Egyptian and definitely linked to the Arab history and the growth and spread of Islam and the migration of Muslims into Northern Africa although there is no real known link to any one root it finds most of its practices in the history of slavery.

The Notorious Crips gang founder Stanley Tookie Williams said in his biography that his self hate was caused by the reinforced negative image of black people created a hatred not only of himself but those that reflected himself in the image of other black people.  This constant regurgitation of negative black imagery and meditating on images of slavery is only helping to reinforce the cycle.  Once black people are able to see the wonderful and powerful history and that slavery was in fact just a minor hiccup of negativity in their history they will then be able and empowered to break the cycle and create a wonderful future.

I take this opportunity to point out that I am not having a dig at Europeans as some form of reverse racism, because that would be silly, childish and impractical, I am simply mentioning some historic, educated and intellectual facts which the reader may not have been aware of, told or thought about.

Black people, just like white people and every colour in-between have been both slave and conqueror, overpowered and empowered, slaves of an empire and an empire, intellectual and uneducated.  My point is that we have now seen much of the weaker history can we now see much of the stronger time in history in our media and history books.

What worries me more is what will Black history look like in another 100 years with the greatness left out as it is now, perhaps this and this alone:



Rather than this: 



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