Why is God so offensive to man?



I always enjoy a good real life story but something very real and worrying has been highlighted, God is always left out even when He is in the story.

Whenever I hear about great men in history or inventors, discoveries, someone who survives a crash or any other account of historical happenings I go away and read up from many other writings about the story and the history behind them.

Often when I read their “actual” accounts a huge piece of the puzzle is left out in almost every case, God!

Great inventors speak of their beliefs in God and their revelations or discoveries being God inspired, car crash victims speak of their lives being saved and seeing angels or unaccounted for people.  Doctors speak of their faith in God and the miracles behind discovered cures, technological breakthroughs, you name it there is more often than not a common ever-present wonder their faith in God.  But why do we always leave it out when retelling their stories?

There is truly an endless list of great men and women in history who give glory to God for their discoveries and greatness yet we shadow this part of the story and give glory to the men and women themselves, but why, especially if these great people lay the glory at the feet of a God that they believe in?

Is God really that offensive?

Tebow Time BlueI have witnessed God-fearing men on interviews try to give glory to God and yet be cut short and spoken over I have felt an uncomfortable silence when people speak of God saving them or inspiring them or healing them as if some how a billion people will be offended at the mere mention of God and giving Him any glory, but why?

We can respect other people’s political views and let them speak, we respect other people’s sports team and let them speak, we let people include parts of their story about being physically bullied as a reason behind the story yet as soon as they give the reason for their success to God it is left out, blotted out, edited out, but why?

that-song-is-offensiveI can only imagine that God is offensive because if there is a God it will make mankind accountable, it will steal the Messiah complex from men, it will steal the glory away from men, it will mean that lies are shown as lies, it means that careers will end, laws will have to change.  The ripple effects are endless if we allow God into the consciousness of society, so we blot him out.

vegidreamA good example of this was even when Dreamworks bought out a very successful Christian cartoon called Vegitales they took out the God aspect of it and the show flopped, it literally sank into nothingness.  Which shows that the success was because of the God aspect yet it was drowned out.

The only mention of God or Christ in society that is permitted in the consciousness of man is to curse and swear such as “Oh God.”  “Jesus Christ.”

themanwhosuedgodThese types of negative reinforcements are psychologically damaging in the consciousness of man so why are only these permitted into society at large?

Crosses on necklaces being banned in the workplace, the Nativity being told to us as it being offensive yet other religious groups claiming it isn’t

Society has too much to lose if it allows the consciousness of God back into it so we blot it out.


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