Why does no one question anything anymore?


We are handed life to us on a plate and we just eat whatever we are given.  If it’s dog food we tuck in because we are told it’s meat, if it’s ants or beetles we tuck in because we are told it’s meat, if we are given a mouldy Brussel sprout we tuck in because someone said it’s full of iron.

These are hypothetical examples of course but it is a good example of what is now going on with us today.

What am I speaking about?

I once met a man who had been taking medication for years for Bipolar he clearly had signs of an illness to the trained and untrained eye however were these actually the symptoms of something else, anxiety perhaps?  What was he to be anxious about?  Believing he had bipolar perhaps?

After further discussion I found out why he had been put on the medication and diagnosed with bipolar, it was because he couldn’t sleep and when his parents took him to the doctor the doctor asked this young boy why he couldn’t sleep.  The reply from this young boy was that voices were keeping him awake at night.  Instantly he was told he had bipolar and put on medication.  I bothered to ask what voices he had heard, he went on to tell me that the next door neighbor’s room shared a wall with his bedroom and they would often argue during the night which kept him awake.  He had been put on medication for years because of an illness he probably didn’t have and didn’t explain the situation properly.  I went on to advice him he probably didn’t have bipolar after all and he spent the next few days showing no signs at all of the illness, in fact he was you’d never have known.  He went and spoke to someone he had known for years who told him yes he does have the illness and al of the those same symptoms return instantly.  I find this strange.

Another instance of something like this was when my God son was told that he had ADHD and would be put on medication for it.  His family agreed and he began a course, his whole happy personality changed and he became a different person, doped out, his mother wasn’t happy with the change and wanted some space off of the medication to reconsider and his behavior returned to his normal “ADHD” self, as his God parent I felt I should speak with him and let him know exactly what was happening.  I explained that his behavior was causing concern and that if he didn’t calm down he would be put on the medication again, I asked him if he could behave and he told me that he could and didn’t want the medication he was just bored, he never got put back on the medication because he understood the risk and behaved and exhibited self-control after all.

This story goes on and on all the time and yet as soon as some one tells us something outside of our sphere of influence we just accept it rather than question it.

Why have we become such foolish followers?

There are many reasons for this foolishness and trying to understand or pin point our own personal reason is a hard task because we need to be honest with ourselves first.

Another example was a man I knew was told he had cancer and was going to die without medication treatment, he refused the treatment and told the medical profession that he would beat it or treat it with a change in diet, they laughed at him and told him he was crazy and needed medication to stand a chance.  He went on to change his diet and the cancer went.  To me this was a case of someone who knew his mind, thought for himself and didn’t just believe what he was told blindly.  Considering many or most cases of death by cancer isn’t actually by the cancer itself but by the medication it does make you wonder if he hadn’t chosen wisely rather than foolishly.

Following the crowd is considered the right and normal thing to do, it doesn’t take thinking and we gain something to trust and believe in like an emotional crutch however it doesn’t mean it’s right.  People who don’t follow the crowd and try new things or different things out are called crazy but have we learned nothing from history.  Noah was called crazy for the ark, look what happened there, Christopher Columbus was called crazy for thinking the world wasn’t flat, look what happened there, there are countless tales of men thinking outside the box and being called crazy yet having amazing historical successes that we end up teaching in schools to children who will probably grow up to follow the crowd and think exactly as they have been told to think, is this you?

I am not saying medication has no place, I am not saying some people are in need of specialist or medical help but it does seem to me that this is a regular issue.  If you are still unconvinced let me give you two other examples on a larger scale.

  • A few years ago it came to light that black men in particular were being the target of quite a ruthless act of professional betrayal.  whenever they went to the doctor with an issue perhaps of stress or some other similar problem they would be put on the mental health list and given medication.  There was a systematic stereotyping that black men were more likely to be suffering with mental health issues than what men.  But during that period the black men and their families just accepted this and went on with life in the system.
  • A few years ago it came to the publics attention that many doctors were prescribing drugs that they didn’t need simply because the doctor owned shares in the company which supplied the drugs to help increase the share value.  And the people took the drugs simply because they were told too by their GP.

In both cases no personal research was done a blind trust was taken by the general public.

Diverting a little I feel that this same blind trust is in place today regarding the theory of macro evolution, I don’t believe anyone is looking into or researching it for themselves, they are being taught it as school as fact and continuing to believe it throughout their lives just because they have been told it is true by people who believe it is true.  Strangely myself and many other people including scientists don’t believe it is true and yet aren’t given a platform to air a different opinion.

So, what now?  Where do you go from here?  Firstly you might want to discover if you are a blind follower or a questioner, but if you even need to think about it the chances are you are a follower.  Then you might want to find out the cause of your following i.e. low self-esteem, fear of others opinion, safety, mistaken trust, assumption etc. And finally you will want to begin to study and learn and research for yourself, after all there are no excuses in this information age.

Go on try something different, it might just give you a life.

Note:  this blog is not a rant or to belittle anyone or anything in anyway, it was not meant as disrespect, it was simply to provoke something all humans should and have a right to do which is think and question something before they commit rather than the other way around.



3 thoughts on “Why does no one question anything anymore?

    • They just acceot everything as fact, no second oppinions no thinking stuff through with deduction etc. Even in a time with the most information than ever before or access to it at least.

  1. I agree. There is no legitimate reason for people to avoid the practice of thought. People just take things at face value never wondering, reasoning, or wanting answers. Any information needed can be found but everyone is too lazy and too busy getting into internet cat fights and reading about “reality” shows.

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