Open letter to banks, businesses and government alike.

To whom it may concern

This may not have occurred to you so I am writing to you to bring this to your attention.  Charges and fines are given to people because they have insufficient funds in their accounts, they have insufficient funds in their account because they don’t have enough money, if they don’t have enough money why would you charge them a fine for not having enough money.  This is like a hidden tax on the poor simply for being poor.

If you are wealthy and have lots of money in your account the chances are you will not have returned direct debits or overdraft that aren’t agreed and it is these “services” which come with the fines.  Administration fees are also placed upon someone for a returned direct debit where a poor person hasn’t got enough money in their account to pay their bill, let alone a fine on top of the bill.  In some cases a bill might be as small as £5 and a fee of £30 is received by the bank and a further £20 is then charged by your direct debit request in administration fees, that is a total of £50 that people who have a returned direct debit obviously can’t afford.  If they have just three issues in a month like this they might have a total of £150 in fees or fines alone.

It seems very unfair and borderline illegal to charge poor people such huge fines when they obviously can’t afford it in the first place.  I hope I am getting my point across.  Most of the direct debits are for legally required services such as car insurance, so people don’t actually have the option of opting out which means that they are being monopolised by an entire service sector.  We all need services such as banks and car insurance companies by the nature of modern society and it would seem that these same service providers are encroaching on our civil rights by taking away our freedom to choose and not be unfairly treated simply because of financial prejudices by default.

I will go as far as to say that it is legalised theft by default monopolising companies.  Am I permitted to invoice you for my administrative time when you keep me holding in a queue at a cashier or on phone services?  Can I invoice you for my time when I have to search around for cheap insurance policies?  Am I permitted to make up fees for your bail out money from the government?  It seems I am not, however this is what it feels like you are doing to your customers.

You seem to make up what is considered an acceptable amount of money as a fee or fine and then enforce it upon the very people who need a financial break rather than a further financial burden.

Please could you stop persecuting the poor and steeling their money by using loop holes in the law the government aren’t quick enough to plug up for the sake of their poorer constituents.

People need energy such as gas, people need insurance, people need banks and these companies should not use these needs against the citizens of a country, especially those with a lower-income.

A poor person cannot afford a years road tax and they are penalised by having to pay a higher rate than those who have sufficient funds to afford an annual road tax, this is unjust because the very people who can’t afford the annual road tax end up paying a higher rate than the wealthy who can.  This is a form of discrimination against lower wage members of the public.

You don’t have to take advantage of those loop holes if they are unethical, which clearly they are, as they mostly affect those in the neediest and most vulnerable situations, such as the elderly, single parent families, students, young families, unemployed, the recently redundant, mental health, families, low-income families etc.

You even charge fees on returned direct debits to charities, which in turn discourages charitable sponsorship causing the super needy to lose out and you fine the more altruistic members of society while they are trying to help others more needy than themselves.

Business is business, but have you no shame or humanity?

Yours Faithfully





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