Hay fever, dispelling the myths + hints and tips.


I had to blog on this because the science behind the old myth doesn’t weight up.

If you are a Hay fever sufferer the chances are you are suffering right about now and are glad of some rain to “knock the pollen out of the air.” so that your symptoms can be relieved.

This year has been a very bad year for hay fever and I’m sure that most Hay fever sufferers are delighted at the sight of rainy days, I can hear the jubilation ringing around the country right now.

The fact is that rain doesn’t ease the pain, not at first anyway, quite the opposite.  Scientifically speaking it makes it worse for a time not better.

The science:

As the rain falls it hits the pollen particles already in the air and much like hitting a nut shell with a hammer disperses the pollen further and in smaller particles.  So not only do these horrid little particles of doom fly further but they are smaller and can get into all the places they couldn’t reach before.

Once this process has ended the air is clear and the new pollen needs to raise from the ground into the air before the pollen count increases once more, however, because of the rain followed by the sun the greenery thrives and throws off even more pollen into the air causing a yet greater effect on hay fever sufferers.

Did you know that there are 3 allergies that each hay fever sufferer could be suffering with?  These are as follows:

  1. Tree Pollen
  2. Grass Pollen
  3. Weed Pollen

Each of the above has their own Pollen season and to pin point your allergy the best way is to simply see when your hay fever is worse.

  • Tree Pollen – late March to mid-May.
  • Grass pollen – mid-May to July.
  • Weed pollen – end of June to September.


There are a few ways to help to treat and cut down the symptoms of hay fever, the chances are you might want to try them all in order to find what works for you.

Below I have tried to detail these treatments for you:

  • MedicationImageThere are so many products on the market but the problem is that not all will work for you and your personal needs.  The chances are if one medication doesn’t work for you that doesn’t mean none of them will, so don’t give up, try a few (not at the same time) until you find what works for you.  Also, when returning to the medication that worked for you last year doesn’t mean it will work for you every year and you will often find the need to switch medication brands and types each year.
  • Local HoneyImageIt is said that if you eat local honey on the run up to pollen season it will help to ease the symptoms of your hay fever, but make sure that the bee colony hasn’t been fed “sugar water” rather than the more organic pollen variety.
  • Shower regularly – ImageWhen you go out make sure that you shower, especially before bed.  Showering will wash the pollen from off of your body and hair that you would otherwise be carrying around with you.  Be warned – sometimes the water that runs from off of your hair will go into your eyes which can cause a negative reaction and itchy eyes soon after showering.
  • Keep windows and outer doors close – getty_rm_photo_of_woman_shutting_window_against_breezeA pretty obvious option when trying to keep pollen away from you is to keep all windows and doors closed on your house, office or car.
  • Sunglasses – 1271529240k6dAaNThey have been said to aid reducing the symptoms of hay fever by reducing the amount of pollen that can get into the eyes.
  • Vaseline – vaselinePlace Vaseline around the nostrils, skin around the eyes and lips and this will aid a reduction in pollen getting to the places it can enter the body (other brands available).
  • A wet bandanaCIMG5168By gently wetting a bandana and tying it around your nose and mouth you will cut down on the amount of pollen that will affect you, add the sunglasses to the combination and not only will you be well protected but you might get the part in a movie as a bank robber.  This method is especially good if you have to cut the lawn.
  • PrayerMen-prayingIt might sound silly but I have heard that some people who believe in it uses prayer to heal the effects of hay fever and they claim it has worked, they also point out that the years that they don’t use prayer the symptoms return.  If you don’t feel that you can pray for yourself, ask someone to pray for you who can, we all know one.

It is very hard to explain to a non hay fever sufferer what hay fever is like unless they are perhaps a pet allergy sufferer but its symptoms can be very mild with just a runny nose or cold like symptoms but it can be very extreme including asthma, eczema and burning itchy eyes.

Final note:

11235Pet allergies aren’t actually an allergy to the pet hair itself, it is in fact an allergy to the pet oils on the fur and these oils can often contain pollen if your pet is passing though anywhere that it can collect the pollen on its fur.

I hope that this information has helped you a little bit.


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