What do you do when someone gives you Cuban Cigars as a gift?


Out of nowhere I am given a half box of Cuban Cigars but now I don’t know what to do with them.

I used to smoke but haven’t for a number of years although Cigars were a regular choice, but when someone gives you a box of Cuban Cigars when you don’t smoke it leaves you with a conundrum.

I don’t encourage smoking so I don’t feel like I could give them to someone I care about, but I also wouldn’t give them to an enemy either.

I don’t think that I should smoke them just for old times sake because that could be a slipper slope, however they seem to know my name as they are calling it.

I wouldn’t sell them because anything less than £100 just doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

Cuban Alternatives:

I had stopped smoking by the time I got married and form my wedding day I had bought all the guy’s involved in the wedding party cigars as celebration gifts but I didn’t give them real cigars obviously, they were huge Cuban style chocolate cigars.

What does someone do with Cuban Cigars other than smoke them?

cigarsWARNING!!!cuban cigar



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