Darwinism conquering the world, but why?



Many years ago a man called Darwin managed to convince the world that his theory was true because it was plausible.  Over 100 years later some countries and cultures recognise Darwin’s theories as a set of religious beliefs and when you say that you believe in his theories you are considered as a convert to Darwinism.

The education system claims it doesn’t build it’s education system upon the backs of any religious ideology which is why it removed Christianity from its schools.  All religion is to be taught in a lesson called RE (Religious Education) however if we put those theories to the test under the scientific microscope we find a very different reality.

Schools may have taken out Christianity from their school systems and arguably rightly so but they haven’t taken all religious foundations of of the school system, on the contrary they have just replaced Christianity with pagan beliefs such as yoga, meditation, positive thought, visualisation, Darwinism and anything else they can fill the gapping hole that Christianity left.

With so many pagan foundations to the education system is it right that we the general public have been told that religion has been taken out of the school system when it has only been replaced. To the untrained eye and the ill informed we are lead to believe that we are happy with the choices made on our behalf to remove religion from the school system, however would we have been so happy had someone informed us that we will be exchanging Christianity for pagan alternatives?  I’m not entirely sure we would.

Darwinian Evolution is a set of beliefs and it also contains an ethos to it’s beliefs.  It’s beliefs are that mankind and all other life simply evolved itself into modern life with no actual evidence or proof other than assumptions.  Darwinism’ beliefs are very simple, survival of the fittest, morality is not a part of Darwinism and it is an anything goes set of beliefs.  To adopt a belief in Darwin’s Evolution means also to adopt a free for all morality, but much more than that.

To adopt Darwin’s theory of evolution means that you automatically by default adopt an ethical stance as a racist because Darwin’s theory is based on White’s being more evolved than darker skinned people groups, so your conversion to Darwinism as a belief is now morality free, ethically free (survival of the fittest) and racist as well.

At this point many will possibly be angered, enraged and assuming me mad, yet at the same time unable to refute what I am saying with any real argument.

I am not having a rant, on the contrary I am just informing whoever might read this of the possibility that there is other perspectives to what they have been told or lead to believe.

I have touched on this before but I will reinforce it over and again:

You can not teach Darwin’s theory of evolution as fact because the evidence used is so unstable, imprecise and contradictory that it should never, yes NEVER be taught as fact without some stability to its evidence, which it still doesn’t have.

“You would say that because you are pro Christian or pro Bible, or just pro God.”  I can almost hear some yell, but you would be wrong.

I am however pro justice and it is unjust to replace one religion or set of beliefs with another, it is unjust to teach something as fact while it remains theory (although a very good one).

Darwinism and the other pagan adopted thoughts, theories and practices, it’s ethics and morals should be removed from the school system if and only if that means ALL, not just some.

You can come to your own conclusions but a conclusion can only be made once all information has been presented not just some.

But if we have taken Creation out of schools with the exclusion of religion and we do the same with Darwinism and other pagan beliefs what will we teach in the giant hole’s place?  How about being honest and saying “We don’t know but here are some possibilities.” or do we feel we have to have all the answers and our pride is hit by the fact that we don’t actually know the true answers to these questions we just have a bunch of possibilities.


Micro Evolution is observable but Macro Evolution is not and it is Macro evolution I make reference to as theory not fact.


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