A city boy at the heart of the country.


Unless you grew up in the countryside with a country lifestyle the chances are you have a lot to learn, and unlearn, when you move in.  Unless you commute to work in the city and are happy with a half and half lifestyle.  I wasn’t happy with half and half so I went all the way Countryfide.

There was so much to learn and it truly was a lifestyle alteration, everything from your clothes to your though processes has to change.

The list and mistakes seemed endless and what could only be called rookie mistakes were constant.  The local country folk would here of my stories and you could see the look in their eye “are you simple or something?” the silly thing is that city folk do the same to country folk.

I was given quite a few lessons on the job as to what to do and what not to do but I felt like a child again starting from the beginning as if I had been born again only this time surrounded by green and fresh air rather than grey and smog.  I can honestly say that I probably spent as much time crying like a baby and calling for my mum during the early days.

I didn’t quit, not being the type to quit I pushed on at my own sacrifice but I couldn’t just make the change as easily as I assumed.

The the city and countryside are two different lives and a lot of the time you aren’t sure if it is a cultural issue, a distance in time between the past and the present or even if you are still in the England in which you grew up?

Not being ignorant helped with the transition, I didn’t judge this new lifestyle I was learning as wrong or backwards or any other stereotype I simply saw it as a challenge to me and just a matter of culture and time to achieve a successful transition.

I’m still here and now I’m blogging about my experiences, my mistakes, my lessons, my successes for anyone that wants some very real lessons and those that just fancy a laugh at my expense.




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