Why I love photography as art….




Art will bolt you to a spot in a gallery, you can stay there all day in one spot just entering into the image, you can often return the next day just for the same image, if its grip is strong enough.

Capturing an image whereby people simply have to look at it perhaps even buy it and take it home is an honor, one not to be taken lightly.

Being bolted to the spot or even bound by a photo emotionally is like being spell bound, where you can’t explain it but you just know that it has you in a steel like grip.

When your onlooker becomes one with the image you have mastered the haunting ability of art to over-through the onlooker rendering them virtually powerless.



3 thoughts on “Why I love photography as art….

  1. Wouldn’t this apply to all art forms? May I inquire as to why photography in particular speaks to you? I love photographs because they can often capture aspects of real life that are more interesting than anything we can invent in our heads. Though they are limited in that there are things that can only be experienced to their fullness in person.

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