A city boy at the heart of country living.


There are a lot of people, and shows, today that are all about life and living in the countryside.  People dreaming of moving away from city life, leaving the rat race behind and heading to pastures green rather than gray.  I dreampt of it once myself, so I did it, I didn’t waste any time, I wanted the organic life and I wanted it now.

Over a period of my life I was deeply inspired by the Rastafarian lifestyle, which was all about Ital living.  Ital living in case you didn’t know means natural, it is the two words I and natural squashed together.  I often say that Apple didn’t invent the I in front of everything it was the Rasta’s who did.  Part of being a Rastafarian is living a natural lifestyle, going green, back to the earth and mother nature so I wanted it even though I was a city boy I rejected city life because it felt that it didn’t meet the basic human requirements to life.

As the years rolled on and more and more information arose I became more and more convinced that the city life was not for me, or any other human being, and that country life was the way to go.

So when I had my chance I kicked open a couple of barn doors and walked through into the ever green of country life.

It wasn’t what I expected at all.  It has forced me to ask a number of questions that I would never have known to ask had I not taken the plunge and followed the dream, but was this really this really the dream you think it is or was this someone else’s dream?  I would have to say it was less of a dream and more of a cold hard reality.

I will share my experiences with you over a few blogs titled “A city boy at the heart of country living.”


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