The funniest definition of OG I have ever heard.


I had to blog this one although I am not usually one for short silly blogs but…………

I was looking around for a new item of clothing recently and an onlooker I knew asked me why I wanted to dress like an old man.  You see they had an ignorance about them about style, I explained that the item of clothing in question was very stylish and not old man at all, in fact quite the opposite, I said it was OG (for those that aren’t aware, OG = Original Ganster).

They asked me “what does OG stand for Old Grandad?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

The problem with mature fashion sense is that your idea of fashionable or OG might be classic or vintage while the younger generation won’t know the fashion icon those clothes once held, only the current image they hold.

Much like a classic American car having OG status yet many youngsters see European VW Golfs or European modern sports cars as trendy or perhaps a Japanese Coupe of some sort.  The American classic car might just be seen as an old man’s car through the eyes of the younger generations who never witnessed its glory days.

So I promptly ignored their snide comment and continued in my search for my classic apparel.  Once I have successfully found this classic item I shall endeavor to blog about it.


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