Why I love photography as an art……

Why I love photography as an art......

There are some ugly things such as global warming and litter but if you can make good out of a bad thing then the badness isn’t a total waste, pardon the pun.

You might be able to capture an aspect of what makes an otherwise beautiful planet ugly and make it art or raise awareness of how the ugly ruins the beauty then we have done something beautiful with our art.

If you can do something wonderful with your camera for a fellow human being such as take pictures of their wedding or anniversary. You might even document their talents or trade in order that they can earn a living from the image you captured, your art that otherwise seems like your bread and butter money is in fact a wonderful work of art, encouraging purchases because you have made that item more attractive, almost poetic and call out to the inner soul.

In some ways a good image of a meal or product is just as artistic as a designed work of art in the sense that it reaches the heart and soul of people who although they don’t buy into the picture they have bought into the product because they desired what they saw in your image.

How many people do you know that have bought a burger because of the picture on the menu wanting to get have what they see alternatively how many people do you see displaying images from a menu around their home or gallery? It was the art in the picture that they were buying into when they order their meal just as much as the meal itself.


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