A strange thing happened to me today…


“A strange thing happened to me today, I laughed!”

If we stopped to think about how many positive things in a day we experience we might be shocked at the small number they actually are, especially compared to the number of negative things.  Does that make you a pessimist or should you be more optimistic?  At the end of the day a fact is a fact, if you smile once in a day that is one positive part to your day, you can’t pretend smile just to get your stats up, that wouldn’t be true.  Perhaps it is personal outlook, after all you can choose the smile when you get that late notice through the door rather than frown.

We are all, after all only human, the chances of you smiling because you got a final notice through your door or your Aunty passed away are negligible or your wouldn’t be human.

If you are human and did a test on your own day, a tally about the positive moments in your day such as laughter, smiling, hugging, rewards, gifts etc etc. the chances are the numbers would be low which is quite a shame.

We speak of health as something we should consider a good thing but again, as humans, we take our health for granted natural so it isn’t considered a feel good factor or positive to a day, unless you suffer on a daily basis and get a day off from the suffering.

How do we control that list and turn the balance into a positive from a negative? 

Quite simply we turn life from controlling us to us being in control.

If we see a new pair of shoes and we don’t need them we say I will not buy those shoes, if it means our bills don’t get paid.  It means that before the guy pulls into our parking space we wave them to take the spot and go looking for another one, it means that we choose to spend less in the month on things we want and don’t need and ensure that the things we need is therefore not neglected. It means that we choose to sacrifice our own needs and wants for the sake of those around us rather than the choice being taken from us.

So in future we shouldn’t be able to say “A strange thing happened to me today, I smiled.”  We should be able to say “A strange thing happened to me todays, I got upset.”

The cup is half full when you feel in control of your own happiness rather than it being in the hands of other external factors.


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