Why do religious leaders hide the truth from their followers?

Don’t get me wrong they are no worse than any other leader who feels it in our best interest to hide the truth from us, however it makes no sense in religion.

The point to believing in your religion is that you believe it to be true or else dedicating one’s self to something you know is fake or questionable seems like a strange life sacrifice.

When I try to engage with leaders of different religious groups and discuss information regarding what they believe I am often met with the ignorance of hiding that information from public view even though they themselves actually know about the information.  They do this to the point that they scare their followers into not obtaining that information for themselves but this I find highly irregular and dangerous.

For example I have spoken to Jewish people who are not permitted to look into Christianity’s claims that Yeshua aka Jesus is the Jewish Messiah which is a ludicrous restriction considering the fact that all claims should be considered for a person’s own sake.  I have asked why it is that certain historical records regarding the history of Islam have been hidden from the sight of Muslims rather than discussed and common knowledge.  Likewise I have engaged with Christian leaders who hide away from the pagan roots of Christianity rather than teach about it they dust it under the mat never to come to light in the congregation.

What are they afraid of?  If we believe in something and it is questionable of its authenticity then should we be lead to believe blindly or should we have access to all of the information for ourselves in order that we aren’t being mislead into believing a lie?

I am not saying that religion or these religions are a lie, I am questioning the leadership hiding information regarding what they and their followers are lead to believe in.

I mentioned that secular leaders weren’t any better and they are not, truth is not a privilege it’s a right, surely?

I can’t understand that if you are a religious leader and information is available that causes a shadow of doubt about your religion, surely hiding it means that you are willingly believing a lie and leading others to do the same and what is the point in dedicating your life to a lie, unless you have something to gain or lose.


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