Jesus, the original pro secular radical?


Jesus is the head of one of the world’s largest religions which would seem to be a contradiction to his own teachings.  It would appear that Jesus was not creating a religion in fact he was already a part of a religion called Judaism, however it would seem that Jesus was the original activist for secularism.

We look at modern society and often thank God that we no longer have religion governing over us, we are free to be secular, listen to secular music, go shopping and to the football on Sunday instead of to church, we don’t mind paying taxes but would prefer not to pay tithes to the church and all of this we thank the fall of Christianity in modern society, capitalism, secularism, Darwinism and any other ism to be thankful for religions hold no longer being over us.

The strange thing is that this was exactly what Jesus was preaching 2000 years ago, this was very much Paul’s message to the non-Jewish nation, where Paul was trying to release these pagans from their pagan laws and rituals.

Jesus’ message was for all mankind however he only really preached it to the Jews but it was his followers that took that message out into the rest of the world.  The message was the same, release from religious rule whether that be Jewish, Pagan or any other organised religion.  He wasn’t causing a revolution or uprising however he did say that the conscience was clear for your access to heaven being linked to how well you kept the laws of religion.

He spoke against following the laws of men to gain your salvation and said that love summed up the law and the prophets of his own religious group, the Jews.

He did not agree with selfishness or capitalism either, in fact he was more of a socialist as far as ideologies go, but he also didn’t come to give us socialism.

Jesus seemed to be giving men freedom in secularism and a relationship with God where we were each accountable for our own conscience in what God wanted for us as individuals, a non-religious secular utopia.

Jesus gave mankind a secular utopia and then over time men created a religion and called it Christianity somehow using Jesus’ pro-secular teachings to create rules under a religion once more.

The Jews had the Talmud and the Christians had the New Testament aka Jesus Talmud and both had the Torah (Old Testament)  the only difference was that the Talmud was written by men adding rules to cover the Torah rules so not to slip up while Jesus gave his own Talmud covering the rules in the Torah by uncovering them (i.e. covering them by love rather than more rules).

So it can be concluded that Jesus was pro-secularist and 2000 years later we made the fatal mistake of casting of both Christianity and our liberator Jesus as one when in fact they were never one they were always separate, one contradicting the other.

Perhaps we should have rejected the religion while recognising our original liberator as the early Church did when they all did exactly that.

Perhaps I’m wrong?  But I’m always open to correction if you see things differently.



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