Why I love photography as an art….

Why I love photography as an art....

Any given moment can tell a story, you need no easel to set up, no canvas to carry around, you rarely miss the moment the way you do with other forms of art.

You can catch a kiss between lovers, a child being elevated by their dad, a man hard at work or a bee landing on a flower all in the blink of an eye or shutter.

A picture says a thousand words and each a story that means so much to each person as individuals.

It could be the textures or the shades, it could be the angles or the emotion, it could be any number of things to any number of people, but unlike other art forms – so much is to be said about a a piece of art that is created in the speed that it takes a shutter to open and close.

A photograph is a piece of art created at record breaking speeds and yet with so much to offer.


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