What if people were poems?

Susan's Poet Tree

What if people were poems,

what type of poem would you be?

I’d be a Slam

my story always under scrutiny.

Obama would be a Spenserian stanza

with a long term of 8 years.

Ghandi would be a stanza

shifting thought and time to tears.

Madonna would be a Renga

reinventing herself over and again

her poets – the genres and decades,

but most of all her men.

Martin Luther King is a Refrain

I have a dream being quoted again and again.

Mohammed Ali stinging like a bee

is clearly a Prose Poem to me.

Nelson Mandela, what more can we say?

He surely is a Panegyric in so many ways.

Justin Bieber is an occasional poem that we read,

occasionally he’s a mummy’s boy,

occasionally a gangsta wannabe.

Then there’s Putin over to the East

he surely is a Mock Epic,

perhaps one day the subject of a poetic feast.

Jesus would be a Hymn,

that’s a form of poem didn’t you know?

If religion was the subject

he somewhat stole the show.

Bill Clinton would be a Lament,

Monica Lewinsky a Romance –

a secret love that never happened,

it was a cigar in his pants.

John Major, once leader of British politics,

he would be an Elegy

full of grey and melancholic lyrics.

Usain Bolt is a Haiku

for obvious reason I need not explain

but for those that need help,

so fast it’s insane.

I know of a woman,

that is an Anagram through and through,

her name is Jennifer Aniston

spelled “fine in torn jeans” to me and you.



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