Am I Viscosetradamus or is Fashion annoyingly predictable?


Every time I predict a new trend and a fashion shift it happens, even down to the time frame in which to expect it.

This means that I either I have an amazing fashion designer’s eye; I should be a fashion magazine editor; or fashion is ridiculously predictable, I’m assuming the later.

My latest prediction to come to light was the string vest but I’m worried to air my next prediction in the open just incase designers get a hold of it and try to prove me wrong by purposefully avoiding it.

So, am I Viscosetradamus or is fashion just too predictable while trying to be risky and creative as an art form?

I am still going to go with the fact that I am not a Fashion Prophet and that perhaps I can read where the fashion profits lie.  I feel like perhaps I understand the game and with that can predict the up and coming trend based on previous trends.

Assuming that I’m not the only one out there and that the entire fashion world can also read the future of fashion even though they act surprised at new unveilings or announcements.  Surely the general public can also see what I see?  Perhaps not?

If you follow and read my previous fashion blogs I often hint or make jokes about the fashion world system because like anything in life i.e the economy, serial killers or design a pattern is usually followed whether we like it or not and just like when you were a kid and they gave you a colour or maths pattern and you’d have to work out the next part of the pattern it’s all the same.

Fashion also has a cycle whereby when something that was once fashionable becomes old-fashioned it must wait its turn in the cycle to return and this means that the generation that once wore it have to grow up to parent to a teenager age in order that the teenager can wear what their parents will no longer be seen dead in i.e. Flairs.

Fashion might not be dead but only because we keep resuscitating it.




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