Should Chinese guy’s cook Chinese food?


Before you assume this some sort of racist blog please read on.

We all stereotype whether by nature or nurture I’m not sure but if you enter a Mexican restaurant and it’s run by Chinese people or an Indian restaurant and all the staff are white we can’t help but feel skeptical or even robbed of a true taste experience but is that actually the case or are we just stereotyping?

I have visited a West Indian restaurant before where a white Englishman was serving out the front and was relieved to see his West Indian wife come from the kitchen to say hello, I can only assume that this was done in order to put my mind at rest as with all customers.  On another occasion I was at a West Indian restaurant run by African’s and until tasting the food was skeptical that the food would taste as it should, which to my enjoyment it did.  On another accession I bought Chinese food from an Indian run Chinese restaurant and the food was terrible.

maxresdefault (1)Should nationalities stick to restaurants of their own authentic national cuisine or should we broaden our narrow minds?

When someone opens a restaurant of a different ethnicity to their own in an area just because it is financially worthwhile, is that a huge no no or should we encourage it and support them, perhaps helping with hints and tips to improve their food?  Is it an insult to the nationality of the food?  Would eating African food served by Chinese people ruin your dinning experience, perhaps even influence your taste buds? Would you feel better knowing that the food was cooked by someone of the foods origin?

I would like to hear of a restaurant renowned for its good food yet cooked by a nationality other than the country of origin if you know any.

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