Scruffy, a right of passage?


It seems to me that when our parents dress us in our kinder years they buy nice clothes and dress us in smart clothes most of the time but when we get to the age of personal choice when it comes to fashion I find that fashion generally looks scruffy.  The teenage years are especially bad when it comes to looking scruffy.  Not only do the fashions look scruffy but they are often unwashed and when ripped or soiled left as they are without concern.

However, those same youthful scruffs aren’t as commonly seen in the 20+ range, unless still studying, where they seem to have grown out of scruffy into a much more kept style almost as if they recognised the mistakes of their youthful years and are trying to rectify and save face now that they have gotten scruffy out of their system.

As the years roll by the styles become more and more fitted and smart until eventually you look at the younger generation as parents tutting at the scruffian youth and their scruffy clothes.

So it seems to me that scruffy is a trial period or training ground of youth where they display their amateur ability to dress well and take care of their fabrics but once experimenting and making many mistakes they grow up out the other side honing their skills and perfecting their styles.

I would say that it is a right of passage and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so parents don’t worry too much, just step back, take plenty of pictures and then use them to black mail your kids once they exit “the scruffy phase.”


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