Old people, the pinnacle of fashion?


Here me out before you judge my theory!

I see myself as some what a fashion aware man, a Metrosexual if you will.  I have seen and tried a few fashions for myself and I am a bit of a critic when it comes to styles, ranges and brands, however I have concluded this theory and feel it holds a lot of weight.

ImageOld people, we all look down on their hush puppies and pleated skirts, pressed trousers, patterned jumpers, shirt and ties, floral blouses etc. but let us stop and think for one minute about why they might be wearing that style.

Let us take an 80-year-old as our study and look at the fact that they have passed through the 1930s; 40s; 50s; 60s; 70s; 80s; 90s; millennium and 2010+, they have experienced the fashions of each ere including the swinging 60s, the funky 70s, the soulful 80s, the techno 90s and the pop culture millennium and even after being a part of each of those fashion eras they didn’t return back to a favorite era or style, they didn’t relive a style and dress that way int their old age, not at all, they favored none of the eras at all, in fact they all arrived at the exact same conclusion that the pinnacle of fashion is Hush Puppies, pleated skirts, patterned jumpers, shirts and ties, floral blouses etc.  This tells me that in their experienced wisdom of multiple eras of fashion they all arrived at the pinnacle of fashion and they can’t all be wrong.

tumblr_n5h2dhWpfJ1tb1h7to1_1280So, as we look on in scorn, mocking their “old people” style we have to take a check and say perhaps they are ahead of our time and we are so far behind still experimenting.  While we are trying to find the pinnacle of fashion for ourselves, there it is right there in front of us literally staring us in our face at the bus stop with a smug look on a wrinkly face.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting me a copy of the Cotton Club tomorrow and ordering me some “Pinnacle Style.”



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