Fashion, why do women have more choice than men?


The thing with fashion is this, a woman has way more choice than men, and there is something quite wrong with that, but more to the point who wrote the rules?

The list is endless for women’s fashion:

  • Skirt
  • dress
  • trousers
  • shorts
  • dungarees
  • culottes
  • suits
  • t-shirts
  • blouses
  • shirts
  • jumpers
  • ponchos

not to mention the fabric,

  • lace
  • silk
  • beads
  • linen
  • cotton
  • wool
  • polyester
  • elasteen
  • lycra
  • acrylic

and then there’s the colours:

  • Pretty much anything goes with the choice of women’s colours in clothing.

and what about the patterns:

  • floral
  • spotted
  • striped
  • patterned
  • plain

Now what about us men?

We get to wear:

  • trousers
  • shorts
  • t-shirt
  • shirt
  • suit

What about materials:

  • polyester
  • cotton
  • wool
  • acrylic

and our choice of colours is limited to:

  • black
  • white
  • blue
  • red
  • brown
  • beige
  • green

patterns include:

  • striped
  • plain

As you can see men’s fashion is very limited and I wonder why men’s fashion has failed to develop the same way in which women’s fashion has, with diversity?

Have women more flair than men, can they take more risks?  Are designers more experimental for women’s fashion?  Why have designers for men’s clothing not been as diverse?  Is it because men are take less risks when it comes to fashion and simply wont buy?  What is the answer to all of these questions?

A while back David Beckham chanced wearing a Sarong out in public and a few men actually gave it a try however it was greeted with such teasing and distaste the Sarong quickly left the male ensemble.  Scottish men along with other nationalities wear their kilts or male skirts with pride and are no less manly for it yet wear a kilt down London Oxford Circus and that is exactly what you feel like a part of a circus.  So what is restricting men from experimenting with lace or floral or pinks?  I assume it is quite simply because women got their first and men don’t want to feel as if they are dressing like women, however women adopted trousers from the male wardrobe and made it their own with a female twist.  Perhaps if we start by making skirts more masculine we could do the same.  If we design male skirts out of football team flags so that men could wear their team flags on game day to the stadium that could be the key to success?

Perhaps it’s the shopping experience which limits male fashion and not the designers at all, after all men like to pop to the store, pick up an item and leave before the free parking time runs out at the car park.  Can you imagine if men had all of that choice, they might have to shop for as long as a woman does just to find a new outfit and perhaps men need less choice for that simple reason, straight in straight out like the SAS of shopping?

In much of the animal kingdom it is the male that is the colourful well dressed of the species in order to attract a mate they prance around in the finest feathers and display awesome splendor yet in this era where women choose the mate unlike the old days where men chose the mate you’d think that our colour and flair might have had to step up to the mark to put on our own regal display of splendor in order to attract a mate.

Whatever the reason, men’s fashion is weak and limited choice makes men’s fashion drab and uninteresting.  Without the diversity of prints on male t-shirts I feel male fashion would be dead in the water regarding diversity.







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