The three Cs to a good marriage.


I have heard it said over and over again that the key to a good marriage is the 3 Cs.  Apparently those 3 Cs are not Cooking; Cleaning and Cuddling which was a huge surprise to most people those 3 Cs are in fact Communication; Communication; Communication!

The only problem with those 3 Cs is that neither party speaks the same language, a man rarely speaks and when he does the information is very direct and to the point and a woman hears a completely different translation in her head i.e. “I’ll try to cut to lawn this weekend honey.”   turns into “I’ll landscape garden this weekend I promise.” a woman will use a lot of words but never really get to the point by which time he has switched off, not because he doesn’t care as he might be accused of, but because he processes direct information and as he has yet to hear any he loses attention i.e. “This weekend I will be cooking and extra special meal for all of the family and it will be really nice, everyone will be in good spirits and the dog will obviously be in the garden for most of the weekend.  Once Sally has finished her piano lesson it will be full steam ahead and of course there will be space in the garden if the weather is nice, I assume the weather will be nice but if not we will be able to make other arrangements to be able to use outside as well.” what a woman really means is this “My family is visiting this weekend so we need to get extra groceries, you better be on best behavior and Uncle Thomas is allergic to dogs so the dog can’t be inside.  Take Sally to her piano lesson because I will be too busy and then you will rush home and clear up the garden and make it nice, the weather better be nice but if not put up that marquee we have.”

So how on earth can a married couple communicate successfully?

I can only imagine the key to this dilemma is emotion, as a woman speaks with and of her emotions whereas a man does not, however this seems to be mostly limited to family life seeing as women are doing so well in the work place.  So it would seem that if a woman has the keys to successful communication in the work place perhaps she needs to use those communication keys with her man at home, perhaps seeing the home some what a place of work to be able to delegate successfully rather than speak in code.

Other than this I fail to see how couples will be able to communicate together successfully as a man seems to lack the skills to adapt his communication to home as a woman does to work.




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