The society that socialised the criminals then criminalises them, huh?


I can’t quite understand a system where we create the perfect breeding ground for crime and then put those criminals we create into prisons.

I do see the need for prisons in order to house criminals who might be a harm to society, that is obvious, but prison is the plaster on the wound.  The root of the problem is where we resolve the prisons overcrowding.

As a society we are all accountable for the filling up of our prisons and yet we leave all responsibility at the feet of the criminals.  To some extent we are accountable for our own actions and that goes without saying, however when we socialise people to think like criminals then we as a society are to be held accountable, as we are all just as much to blame.

We have developed a society that seems to take pride in depravity and criminal activity, whether it be speeding home from work or not returning the incorrect change at the store, we are creating environments such as poverty-stricken areas where criminal activity is a means to make money or steal what it is society tells them they must have.  Our society is geared up to lying, cheating and steeling but so long as you work hard doing it everyone else is doing it so why not?

We hear of corrupt politicions, we hear of overpaid corrupt bankers and sports stars that take bribes, we frown on them and yet do exactly the same because it’s now a part of our social structure.

We raise criminals in our society simply by dangling dreams in front of people and then snatch it away telling them they can’t have it, when they try to get those dreams we throw them into prison because they had no right to take the dream.

We as a society are raising people who struggle to have a natural affection, a gentleness, a kindness and selflessness, because we as a society are teaching people to be selfish, heartless and survival of the fittest, and with such attitudes comes a natural inability to keep the laws that are fundamentally there to protect against such attitudes.

We have little in the way of morality in the socialising of our youth and the little we do is individual and not shared, we teach people they are free to do whatever makes them happy and where happiness is at the cost of others they see no reason why they should not seek their own happiness at the cost of others.

Once these people are done with being socialised we arrest them for acting out their socialisation and put them in prisons for conforming to the environment we created in the first place.  This is much like a drug dealer pressing charges on a junkie for stealing from his home so he can get his next fix.

Something has to change.


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