Charity begins at home, home is where the heart is!


The commonly misquoted charity begins at home comes from the Bible quote 1 Timothy 5:8 “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

The fact is that once you have addressed the needs of those inside your family most of us have a disposable income we use for “Stuff” but charity begins at home has a much deeper meaning and responsibility.

“Charity begins at home and home is where the heart is.”  is my slogan for the concept behind charity.  For example let us say for a minute you are a white racist and someone asks you to give to charity in order to help black children to survive, you might reject such a thought, but let us say that the charity asks that same white racist to help support little poor white children in their community they might be a very generous giver.

Does it mean that the white racist’s donations is any less charitable because of his motivation?  I would strongly argue that it doesn’t.

The problem with charitable giving today is not that people don’t want to but that many charities don’t touch at the heart of every person and that doesn’t mean that they are uncharitable it just means that “charity begins at home and home is where the heart is.”  The hearts of the people need to be touched in order to be more giving.  Some people have a broad heart’s desire and perhaps give more generously, not because they are more generous but merely because their heart has a broader interest.

Some people refuse to give to human charities and will only give to animal charities because they view humans as vile and horrid creatures, yet give abundantly to the support of animal cruelty and endangerment.  Some people care nothing of the millions of humans but will work tirelessly for the environment, claiming we have millions of humans but only one planet, fix the planet and the people issues will be fixed.

So you see we give and we give almost selfishly from the desires of our heart, so, too much extent charity begins at home the key is finding the right charity for our hearts desires and that is where the search begins.

While one desires to help the environment and another the poor white children and still another the poor black children and still another the poor Asian children we as a human race will have it all covered.

If you haven’t found your heart’s desire and use phrases such as charity begins at home to excuse your lack of giving don’t excuse yourself as tight or stingy rather say “Charity begins at home and home is where the heart is, I just haven’t found a charity where my heart is yet.”

By the way the word charity is another word for love, charitable giving is basically giving love.



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