Guilt free shopping, is there such a thing?


Guilt free shopping in reality should be called conscience free shopping, simply because if you are guilt free when shopping for any luxury item you have to switch off your conscience to the good you could be doing with the money instead of spending it.

For example, if you own a mobile phone and it works but is a little old-fashioned, you might go out shopping for a new mobile phone and in a way so you should however to be guilt free I would say you should buy a low-end phone and donate the change to charity ensuring that others can et while you surf the web on your new phone.

While clear conscience shopping or guilt free shopping is the way to go for all of mankind we could take it to the next level if we want, profit free businesses.

Could profit free businesses be the answer to the economic future and end world poverty?  I believe that it could and here’s how it would work.

Let us stay on the path of the mobile phone aka cell phone industry, this industry is a big business and employs a vast amount of people but let us face facts, except for the owners of privately owned businesses everyone else earns a set wage.  So what if a cell/mobile phone company was set up as a non-profit or charity business?  Let us say for a moment that the mobile phone company donates all profits to charity rather than keeps it as profits, let’s say that the same company continues to grow and create jobs and while each person earned a wage as per normal it was only the profit that actually got distributed as charitable donations.  Imagine Samsung was that company and with its $9.56 Billion profit last year that was donated to charitable causes.  Now imagine if most big businesses were doing the same thing, people would still be earning the same wages so no one has lost out, the customers would be buying the same product so they wouldn’t miss out, and the only person that missed out was the one making that profit, whoever that might be.  That is what I call wealth distribution at it’s best.

At the end of the day most people will only ever end up earning a wage and rarely work very far up any career ladder so why not remain happy with being able to support yourself but know that the profits of your company are going to a great cause.

I myself have taken a leaf out of my own book and established exactly that, I encourage you to do the same.


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