What is peace?


We live in an era where we use the word peace more than ever before yet have more wars and noise pollution than ever before.

Peace is used for a multitude of situations and in some cultures is an actual greeting said to one another however what does it mean and why is it so unattainable?

We have symbols for peace and often clump the word love together with peace as if to say that without love their can be no peace, so then what does peace mean?

It would seem that the word means something in different uses and different cultures, for example “please give me some peace will you.” is to do with being bothered or disturbed where as “I want  world peace.” would be the end of wars.  In some cultures peace means something very different all together for example “Shalom” (peace) in Judaism means to be at peace with God and in Islam “Peace” (peace be upon you) would mean friendship.

Peace in a time of war means just the cease-fire of war it does not mean that you are friends with your enemy at all and peace can just be a treaty for mutual gain, again meaning nothing of friendship or companionship.

The expectations of peace and love being linked together is a possibility but that type of peace would be considered friendship rather than ceasing fire.

There are many cease-fires around the world but both sides remain just as much as enemies as before and we would consider that a situation of peace.

The fact is that peace is impossible in any world where there is any difference of opinion, whether it be religious, political or anything else, after all neighbors can be at war over 2 inches of land that a fence is over or an apple tree that drops apples into the garden next door.  Humans will find any reason to war because peace is virtually impossible.

So are we expecting too much of the world and should we expect more wars?

I think that we do expect too much from mankind after all we ourselves find it difficult enough in our own lives let alone the lives of millions for the greater good of king and country.  I think that more wars are only to be expected as the globe shrinks or should I say populations grow and travel becomes easier and quicker, as beliefs become more opinions or translations rather than laws and rules.  Disgruntled people war, satisfaction brings peace but how can every sector of people on the face of the planet be satisfied at the same time and for any period of time?  It is impossible.

Until then, peace lies within ourselves, we must first learn to be satisfied within not without, we must stop desiring more and see what we have as enough, we must stop worrying what we lack and give from our abundance and that is a good start to achieving all levels of peace rather than one.


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