The conspiracy theorist, theory has it they are societies own little nuts!

Always puzzled by perception!

Einstein had a theory, The Big Bang is a Theory, Evolution is a Theory and all are considered great and held in high esteem, so why is it that a conspiracy theorist is considered a nut job?

Terrorists have a conspiracy to commit an act of terror but that would mean that the government have a theory about that conspiracy making them conspiracy theorists yet they are not considered nut jobs, on the contrary they are the sound thinking members we elect and employ to govern over us, so why is it that a conspiracy theorist who examines evidence against those in power are they called conspiracy theorists and not congratulated by the general public and thanked for attempting to protect us against the possibility of corruption by those in power?

Most people have been lead to believe the theories about The Big Bang and Evolution yet they are just theories based on evidence and we all follow along with a silly smile on our face mocking those that don’t believe which is really no different from the conspiracy theorists,, yet we don’t call scientists theorist nuts in fact quite the opposite, we believe their theories and think those that don’t believe must be the nuts for not believing in the theories.

It all makes no sense to logic.

Logic states that all theories are theories until proven as fact and science dictates that it is impossible for the big bang or evolution to be proved as a fact because it can not be reconstructed therefore it will remain a theory, therefore in reality all theorists are nut jobs regardless of the evidence that has helped them to arrive at their conclusion.

The fact is not all theories are true and not all theories are false and credibility should be given to all equally or none equally especially by those that hold none of the evidence that has caused others to arrive at their conclusion, should we not?

Until then perhaps we should for the sake of justice turn the tables and for a time believe all conspiracy theorists (after all it’s good enough for intelligence agencies) and disbelieve the Big Bang and Evolutions theorists, that might make for an interesting period of time 😉


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