How to make money fast!

I have discovered the way to make money fast by watching how others have made money fast.

Use a printer!

Just kidding, but that is part of the answer to making money fast.  Who doesn’t want to make money fast?  Who wants to struggle with their next month’s bills or rent payments?  No one right?  So then that means everyone wants to make money fast and that’s a guarantee.

The next thing is to recognise that because everyone wants to make money fast the next thing to do is to have a method that works and is proven to work or it’s all a waste of time right?  Well I have found that answer and I am going to share it with you today and all it will cost you is £10, that’s right for just £10 to learn how to get money fast.

Well is it worth the risk?

For £2 we will buy a ticket for the Lotto with hardly any chance of winning even our money back yet we do it week in week out but for the cost of just 1 ticket a week for 5 weeks you can make more money in 5 weeks than you did with your Lotto tickets.  Can it get any more easy than this?


All you need to do is write about making money fast by writing about making money fast and then charge people £10 each tell them how to do it!

Yes it is really that easy!


This was a bit of a fun blog for me to write but fundamentally it is a very real way of making money, think about it, for a minute there you might have been considering it until you saw that I was being sarcastic but you or someone else would have bought into it just like the way that so many other get rich quick schemes have worked over the years.  Money for nothing is the easiest way to make money if you can find a legitimate way to get people to part with their money for nothing and making money advice is exactly one of those ways.

It’s not a con at all because you aren’t lying and many others before you have sold books and seminars teaching people how to make money fast, legitimately.

Although I am not really charging you for this information today, if you do end up making any money off of this idea please don’t forget who inspired it and make a donation to my blog at a later date.  Thanks.


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