A Dad’s nightmare!


Jokes are made about in comedy movies and the reality is far from comical, when a dad’s daughter hits the age where men begin noticing her.

A dad will often go from DEFCON 5 to  DEFCON 1 overnight with regard to being on red alert.  Every trip out in public from this age a dad is well aware of the threat of the opposite sex and their actions or at least what might be going through their mind about his precious daughter and it’s the knowledge of this that will often bring on the onset of a head full of grey hairs.

This red alert is even more heightened if the dad himself had an eye for the ladies or was a ladies man himself, this will make him fully aware of the risk factor that surrounds the entrance to woman hood that his daughter has stepped into.

I have heard of dads that have been in public with their daughter and the public looks at him as if he had some younger hot girlfriend with him and still others who have had to witness men ogling their precious daughter, but what can you do to stop it, because even if you overpower a couple of guys in a fight that wont stop them all.

If your daughter goes out without a relative, by themselves or with friends, then most dad’s wouldn’t frown upon a dad that hired a private investigator or bodyguard for the day in fact they might be inspired to do the same.

The issue seems far less an issue for mum’s than for dads, perhaps because a woman knows not the mental thoughts that go on inside the head of the some of the male species, perhaps a mother sees it as a compliment that men find her daughter attractive, perhaps the daughter herself has an ego boost from the attention if she is even aware of it.  You only need to watch a couple of modern comedies such as American Pie to understand a little of why a man feels such threat, and while a man might understand that the comedy is funny because it’s so close to reality while a female might find it funny because they think how ridiculously unreal it is, two very different understandings of the comedy behind the film.

But none feel the anxiety quite like a dad, it’s at this point that a man becomes tribal and every man outside of his family suddenly becomes the enemy, a suspect a threat of immediate danger and it’s at this point that even the friendliest man becomes closed and unfriendly to other males outside of the family.

But what is the answer?  Should a dad not care and just accept this as a right of passage or are they right in behaving the way they do?

Society, if we believe the TV, says we should just leave them be and it’s their life let them live it,  but that seems to go against a male instinct as protector, defender and head of the family.

In many cases an older brother might feel just as defensive as a dad towards the honor of his little sister when he becomes aware of the thoughts of men around him in society.  It is this realisation that his little sister although perhaps 18 or older is now seen by the opposite sex as open game and open season just started.

There seems to be no answer except that if we lived in a society that learned to respect women as more than sexual objects, or at least other respect the men who’s relative the female was.  Perhaps in a society where we were all raising gentlemen rather than dogs we might feel less threatened and on guard but we no longer live in such a society as that so what is the modern answer?

Can we really say that feminism has brought society so far now that a woman is no longer seen as a good wife material but more just a sex symbol, this to e seems to show that feminism has actually taken us back rather than forwards if this is what the feminist movement had envisioned.  Or is this man’s way of sabotaging the feminist movement’s ideals by hijacking what is seen as a strong woman from ability to sexuality?

Something has to change!



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