The Life and death of modern fashion.


Fashion is a dying concept.  This is very sad for me to say being a lover of clothes, style and fabrics, it leaves me with little or no hope for the future generations and the self-esteem that comes with high quality style.

I look around at the clothes rails in stores and weep in mourning the loss of style, I look around at the people buying and wearing these latest fashions and now just 1 in 100 wear high quality fashions.  With the birth of the cheap disposable fashion stores the next generations are growing up only witnessing these styles and are never going to know any difference because they aren’t being exposed to anything different.

Zoolander-DerelicteDon’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for disposable fashion, such as gardening and trips to the skip but all in all it seems too much like the “Zoolander” concept of “Derelicte” is all too true today.

It feels like there is a round table of fashion guru’s that have made a bet at the expense of the common people and said “who can make the general public look as stupid and tramp like as possible?”  When you see the state of clothing today looking much like my old favorite tops and trousers I eventually wore out and threw out 30 years ago, someone picking them out of the trash and wearing them now.

We have adults wearing cartoon characters like Mickey mouse that I can only describe as oversized children’s ranges, we have faded, stretched clothes being worn like you’d see in poorer environments and yet paying top dollar for them.

It seems to me that clothing brands are looking to the “less desirable” types in society such as “strippers” “prostitutes” “homeless” “drug addicts” and the like and making their styles desirable by designing clothes that these people would wear because they didn’t have the choice and then marketing and selling those clothes at a huge mark up price and selling them to people who do have a choice.

I challenge you to find a clothing designer who would dare to be seen dead in the clothes that are on sale to the general public and you will see a clothing designer whose share value will drop over night as their credibility drops instantly.

guns-n-roses-big-hair-rock-star-fashion-music-photo-gallery-600x4001How did we grow to accept the demise of fashion?  Each season the style gets a little worse and more poverty inspired and we would rush out and spend our hard-earned cash on the latest fashion that the other people we saw rushed out and bought it.  We would look into gossip magazines and see rich and famous people wearing these shabby clothes forgetting that these people wearing it are rock stars and wear them as part of their trendy rock image.  We the general public are not trendy rock stars and only look like cheap knock off versions that end up looking like tramps rather than trendy.

High fashion stores are struggling to compete and closing down each season not because they are too expensive but because the general public now feels out-of-place alongside these modern wannabe “rock stars” in flowing floral dresses and slacks and shirts with ties and no one wants to feel over dressed or under dressed at a party, the high street being that party setting.

I’m sure that next season will be more of the same as I see the emergence of the string vest for both men and women taking us yet another level lower in style and fashion.

ImageMuch of these new changes aren’t about fashion at all, they are merely about money, after all fashion is a huge business and business is all about money.  The art has taken a back seat to the business with many designers forgetting why they first put their name to a label.  I love to design and I don’t care haw many or few people will put money in my pocket from my designs, but then that is just me.  But I am disgruntled that my passion for fashion doesn’t even get to be inspired in the high street any more.  How can I enjoy looking at clothing on the high street cat walk when the styles are hideous and make me cringe, taking the passion out of fashion for me.  Should I have to travel for many miles in order to see good art as an art lover, no, I should be able to visit a local gallery or street artist and if I can’t then art is dying off, the same goes for the art of fashion.

IMG_1482I blame the desire for profits, the use of man-made fibers to reduce the cost of production in order to increase those profits.  Investors are business men who back fashion designers (the artists) but then the business men tell the artist what they need to do to make a profit for them, thus the artist loses his artistry to business.

The birth of acrylics and polyester have brought about these changes with prints on material cracking and fading much quicker, so what do they do?  They don’t bin polyester and acrylics they sell faded and cracked prints from the peg and call it fashion.  Acrylics stretch and polyester bobbles so do they stop selling them and return to cottons and wools?  No, they just sell the general public a pre-stretched, bubbly  jumper or t-shirt and call it fashion.

Basically the general public are being sold poorly made under quality clothing under the disguise of high fashion clothing just so that someone can turn an extra buck and make an art form a business.

I am fuming for my fellow general public, as for me I have boycotted these shabby poor quality clothing and will only buy the natural fibers, not because I’m a ecofriendly nut but because I have high self-esteem and refuse to have the “acrylic pulled over my eyes.”



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